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The Morsbach in Remscheid in the nature reserve Unteres Morsbachtal with Hölterfelder Siefen and Fürberger Bachtal

The Morsbach in Remscheid in the nature reserve Unteres Morsbachtal with Hölterfelder Siefen and Fürberger Bachtal

Water code DE : 27366
location North Rhine-Westphalia , Germany
River system Rhine
Drain over Wupper  → Rhine  → North Sea
source In Remscheid - Endringhausen
51 ° 11 '48 "  N , 7 ° 14' 51"  O
Source height 302  m above sea level NN
muzzle In Müngsten in der Wupper coordinates: 51 ° 9 ′ 56 ″  N , 7 ° 8 ′ 10 ″  E 51 ° 9 ′ 56 ″  N , 7 ° 8 ′ 10 ″  E
Mouth height 101  m above sea level NN
Height difference 201 m
Bottom slope 13 ‰
length 15.2 km
Catchment area 47.275 km²
Big cities Remscheid , Wuppertal

The Morsbach is a 15-kilometer long stream in the west of Remscheid . On its way it passes, among other things, the federal motorway 1 , forms the lower reaches of the city limits to Wuppertal and flows into the Wupper at Müngsten . Its numerous hammer mills and grinding mills located at it are of great importance for the regional industrial history.

Use of hydropower

The Morsbach is the longest and richest in water of the 42 brooks that flow into the Wupper in the interior of the large Wupperviereck . For centuries he drove numerous hammers and grinding bowls . In his best times he set 40 grinding heads and 42 hammers in motion over a length of nine kilometers (from Clarenbach to Müngsten). With its tributaries, it was the first of the hydropower plants in the Bergisches Land with 176 engines - including 67 grinding heads and 90 hammers. The intensive use was made possible by the steep gradient of 1: 100. Only in this way could the individual plants - lined up closely one behind the other - use the hydropower.

Definition of source inflows

There are several definitions of which of the source streams in the upper reaches of the river system is the main source inflow and from which point the Morsbach can also be clearly designated as the Morsbach. Even different official maps show no uniform line in this regard.

The water association responsible for the waters in the Wupper catchment area is the Wupperverband . This defines the source of the Morsbachs in Hofschaft Endringhausen between Remscheid - Luettringhausen and - Lennep at 51 ° 11 '48 "  N , 7 ° 14' 51"  O . According to older versions of the digital topographic map (DTK10) 1: 10,000 of the former state survey office of North Rhine-Westphalia and the German basic map (DGK5) 1: 5,000, this brook was named Endringhauser Bach . On the other hand, on more recent map versions, this source inflow is listed as Morsbach, so that this definition has to be accepted.

According to older versions of the German base card (DGK5) 1: 5000 of the Morsbach Endringhauser Bach with the only begins at the confluence Diepmannsbach in the same Remscheid district at '' 10 ° 51 11  N , 7 ° 15 '5 "  O .

In parts of the literature, on the other hand, the entire upper reaches of the Morsbach up to the Remscheid town of Haddenbach is referred to as Diepmannsbach, which, in addition to the Endringhauser Bach, receives numerous other tributaries and only joins the Morsbach at Haddenbach with the Leyerbach ( 51 ° 11 ′ 55 ″  N , 7 ° 11 ′ 38 ″  E ).

In Wuppertal - Ronsdorf the Leyerbach (also called Ronsdorfer Bach ) is seen as Morsbach. A restaurant near the source of the Leyerbach at 51 ° 13 '54 "  N , 7 ° 11' 58"  E therefore bears the name Morsbachquelle . The highest source, on the other hand, is located below the industrial area Ueberfeld near Remscheid-Hohenhagen and is called the Ueberfeld Bach.

Further course

Tributaries are the Leyerbach , which rises in the center of Wuppertal- Ronsdorf, with the Kottsiepen, which joins the Haddenbach , and the Gelpe , which flows into the Morsbach at Clemenshammer . The Schöppenberger Bach, the Fürberger Bach, the Sieper Bach, the Rheinbach and Kleinenhammerbach rivers near Wuppertal - Cronenberg and the Saalscheider Bach also belong to it. The Klausener Bach and the Farrenbrackener Siepen flow directly into the Leyerbach. Müggenbach and Teufelsbach flow into the Morsbach near the Nüdelshalbach estate . Above Nüdelshalbach there are also: Diepmannsbach, Bärensiefen, Buscherhofer Bach and Lüttringhauser Bach.


The Morsbach flows into the Wupper in Müngsten

Shortly before it flows into the Wupper, the Morsbach was dammed into a small reservoir that no longer exists today. The reservoir was one of the attractions of the Müngsten excursion destination. In the course of the Regionale 2006 , the central parking lot of the Müngstener Brückenpark was built on the now filled reservoir .

The mouth of the Morsbach is the lowest point in the city of Wuppertal.

Water quality

According to the water quality class map of the city of Remscheid, the water of the Morsbach had quality class II in 2002.

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  • Heinrich Rauscher : Historical hike through the Morsbachtal and its side valleys (contributions to the history and local history of Wuppertal) . Ed .: Michael Metschies. Born, JH, Wuppertal 1986, ISBN 3-87093-037-3 .

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