Nobody is the greatest

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German title Nobody is the greatest
Original title Un genio, due compari, un pollo
Country of production Italy , France , Germany
original language Italian
Publishing year 1975
length 120 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Damiano Damiani
Sergio Leone
script Damiano Damiani
Ernesto Gastaldi
Fulvio Morsella
production Claudio Mancini
Fulvio Morsella
Rafran C. Rialto
Sergio Leone
music Ennio Morricone
camera Giuseppe Ruzzolini
cut Nino Baragli

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My name is Nobody

Nobody is the greatest (original title: Un genio, due compari, un pollo , literally: “One genius, two friends, one chicken”) is a spaghetti western with Terence Hill , which Damiano Damiani staged together with Sergio Leone in 1975. The German-language cinema release was on December 16, 1975.


The heroes of the plot are the gunslinger Nobody, his friend "Lokomotive" Bill and his girlfriend Lucy. Major Cabot, the commander of the local fort, is known to be an Indian enemy. "Lokomotive" in particular, who denies his own Indian descent to Nobody, would like to bring justice to the Indians with its own militia.

A scheduled investigation by Colonel Pembroke does not take place, as he will be murdered beforehand. Then "Lokomotive" slips into the role of the dead Colonel, Lucy pretends to be his daughter Clementine. They want to steal from the fort the $ 300,000 in development aid that was misappropriated by the major and intended for the Indians. Nobody and a local outlaw named Jacky Roll are also in on the act.

The plan seems to fail. The two are betrayed by Jacky Roll and end up in the holding cell.

When Nobody shows up, he is arrested too. The major discovers that nobody is completely covered in gold dust and interrogates him. So he learns about an alleged gold mine on Indian territory. Because the Indian chief only wants to negotiate with the famous Colonel Pembroke, Cabot forces Lokomotive, disguised as a Colonel, to buy the land with the mine for him. The Indians receive fertile land as an exchange object.

After the deal, it becomes clear that the gold mine never existed and that the Indians have now received valuable land from the major. Nobody manages to escape with the money through another trick, pursued by Lucy, Lokomotive and the major. With the help of railroad workers, Nobody fools the major into believing that all three would die in a mountain explosion and that the money would be lost.

Only at the end does Nobody reveal to the still unsuspecting locomotive that their plan has brought them not only the money, but also fertile land for the Indians. Not only the Indian friends Nobody and Jacky Roll were inaugurated, but also the railway workers and the Indian chief - who turns out to be Lokomotives grandfather. Last but not least, Nobody is leaving all the money to Lokomotive, who now wants to "clean up America" ​​with Lucy and Indians in Western clothes as a militia.


“A series of mostly grotesque situations in comic style that is barely held together by action; Sequel to the successful western comedy 'Mein Name ist Nobody'. "


Contrary to what the German and Danish titles suggest, “Nobody is the greatest” is not a direct continuation of “ Mein Name ist Nobody ”, but a kind of prequel in which Leone describes the plot from the time of the Indian Wars relocated and gave the character of "Nobody" the name "Joe Thanks". Similar to the "first" film, the name of the character is used for a series of puns, which is lost in the German dubbed version. In terms of content, “Nobody is the Greatest” is an independent film, but its conception ties in with “My Name is Nobody”.

The film was released in 2005 as a completely restored version in terms of image and sound, together with “Mein Name ist Nobody” on DVD. Compared to the theatrical version released in 1975, the brothel scene including all subsequent scenes has been reinserted; However, the DVD version lacks the final sequence in which you see an eagle flying in the sky, the return journey from the locomotive and Lucy, who say goodbye, as well as a final shot of Nobody, who pulls his hat over his face in front of the prairie backdrop and hugs you Rock sitting leaning against a tree.

The movie song "Glory, Glory, Glory" is sung by Catherine Howe .

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