Olympic Winter Games 2018 / Participant (Liechtenstein)

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Liechtenstein took part in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang with a delegation of three athletes: Marco Pfiffner , Tina Weirather and Martin Vögeli .

For Marco Pfiffner it was the second Olympic Winter Games after Sochi in 2014 , for Tina Weirather the fourth Olympic Games and cross-country skier Martin Vögeli was there for the first time. Cross-country skier Michael Biedermann did not compete. He had fulfilled the national criteria, but since Liechtenstein only had one quota place available, the bird, which was better classified in the world rankings, was given priority. Skier Marco Pfiffner carried the Liechtenstein flag into the Olympic Stadium in Pyeongchang at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games. In Sochi in 2014 was Tina Weirather the flag.

Participants by sport

Alpine skiing pictogram.svg Alpine skiing

Athletes Competitions 1st run 2nd run total
time time time rank
Tina Weirather Departure - 1: 39.85 min 4th
Super G - 1: 21.22 min bronze
Giant slalom 1: 14.08 min 1: 10.14 min 2: 24.22 min 22nd
Marco Pfiffner Departure - 1: 45.61 min 43
Super G - 1: 28.57 min 36
slalom 51.09 s 52.22 s 1: 43.31 min 25th
combination 1: 22.54 min DNF eliminated

Cross country skiing pictogram.svg Cross-country skiing

Athletes Competitions time rank
Martin Vögeli 15 km freestyle 36: 57.0 min 52
30 km skiathlon 1: 26: 08.2 h 59

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