Oswald Gruber

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Oswald Gruber (born July 31, 1840 in Vienna ; † April 2, 1913 there ) was an Austrian architect .


Oswald Gruber, son of the painter Franz Xaver Gruber , studied from 1858 to 1862 at the building construction department of the Polytechnic University of Vienna and from 1862 to 1866 at the architecture school of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts , where he won the Peierschen Prize in 1863/64. In addition, he attended the sculpture school at the Vienna Academy from 1866 to 1869. In 1867 he traveled through France and Italy . Gruber's report on the World Exhibition in Paris was awarded a prize by the Lower Austrian Trade Association . He then worked in the studio of the Viennese city ​​architect Gustav Gugitz from 1870 to 1876 . In this role, Oswald Gruber took part in many large apartment buildings and villas , including the completion of the imperial pavilion at the 1873 World Exhibition . In addition, Gruber decided not to apply to the industrial drawing school in Graz in 1870 and, in 1874, he was offered the management of the Salzburg industrial school . In 1877 he followed the call from the Technical University of Vienna, where he was appointed honorary lecturer for freehand and ornament drawing . Here he was appointed associate professor in 1889 and full professor in 1900. 1910 Gruber was a Councilor in the retirement staggered. Oswald Gruber, who was very much appreciated by his students, designed the templates for the production of the rectors' chain of the Vienna Technical University. In addition, he was considered personally helpful and worked for many years in the technician support association , since 1905 as an honorary member .


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