Otto von Mörnstein

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Otto von Mörnstein († 1264 ) was the third and elected bishop of Lavant .

Otto von Mörnstein came from a Salzburg ministerial family from Brixlegg. In 1231 he was a subdeacon, in 1237 a deacon and canon, in 1242 provost of Salzburg. In 1248 he was appointed Bishop of Chiemsee by the Salzburg Archbishop Philipp von Spanheim , but had to forego the intervention of Pope Innocent IV that same year.

In 1260 he was appointed Bishop of Lavant and was confirmed by Archbishop Philip. However, he seems never to have received episcopal ordination, since he is attested as an elect on January 18, 1263. He died in 1264, his grave is unknown.


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Albert Suerbeer Bishop of Chiemsee
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