Lorenz von Lichtenberg

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Lorenz von Lichtenberg († November 8, 1446 ) was Bishop of Lavant , anti-bishop of Gurk and anti- patriarch of Aquileja .


Lorenz von Lichtenberg came from a noble family from Carniola who named themselves after their castle Lichtenberg bei Litija (Littai). In 1420 he became canon in Salzburg, in 1424 the Archbishop of Salzburg, Eberhard von Neuhaus , appointed him Bishop of Lavant. In the same year he became Chancellor of Duke Friedrich IV of Austria-Tyrol. He appointed Lorenz von Lichtenberg on May 4, 1432 after the death of Gurk Bishop Ernst Auer von Herrenkirchen as his successor and was also recognized by the cathedral chapter, but the Archbishop of Salzburg, Johann von Reisberg , awarded Gurk to Hermann von Gnas . In a settlement on October 25, 1433, the duke and archbishop agreed that Lichtenberg Gurk and Gnas should receive the diocese of Lavant. However, Pope Eugene IV appointed Johannes Schallermann Bishop of Gurk on January 28, 1433 and this was confirmed at the Basel Council . On June 6, 1436, Lichtenberg renounced the Gurk diocese in an agreement with Schallermann in Wiener Neustadt and received a pension from Schallermann.

After the death of Hermann von Gnas, Lichtenberg was appointed administrator in the diocese of Lavant. The antipope Felix V appointed him Patriarch of Aquileja on January 2, 1444, but Lichtenberg was unable to assert himself against Ludwig Scarampi-Mezzarota , the incumbent patriarch and supporter of Pope Eugene IV . On June 15, 1445, Lorenz von Lichtenberg was excommunicated by Pope Eugene IV.

He died on November 8, 1446 and was buried at the high altar of the parish church (previously cathedral) of St. Andrä in Lavanttal .


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