Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension

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German title Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension
Original title Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2015
length 88 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 14
Director Gregory Plotkin
script Jason Harry Pagan
Andrew Deutschman
Adam Robitel
Gavin Heffernan
production Jason Blum
Oren Peli
camera John Rutland
cut Michel Aller

Paranormal Activity: Ghost dimension is an American in 3D twisted horror movie by Gregory Plotkin from the year 2015 and continued from Paranormal Activity 4 . The film represents Plotkin's directorial debut after he took over the editing of the Paranormal Activity films since Paranormal Activity 2 . The script was written by Jason Harry Pagan , Andrew Deutschman , Adam Robitel and Gavin Heffernan . The cinema release in the United States was on October 23, 2015. In Germany, it had already been shown the day before, on October 22, 2015.

Like the franchise parts before, this part of the film series was shot in found footage style.


After the loss of their daughter a year earlier, the Fleeges family wanted to make a fresh start and therefore moved from New York to Palo Alto, California . Ryan, the father of the family, is a computer game developer and therefore very flexible in his job and the mother of the family, Emily, is also happy with the new home. However, the remaining daughter Leila does not know what to think of the move. Ryan's brother Mike also joins the family and moves to California with them.

Shortly after the move, however, the supernatural events begin which are increasingly worrying the already traumatized family. They quickly notice that something is wrong in their new home and so they decide to get to the bottom of the ghost with the help of video cameras.


The film is the first in the Paranormal Activity series to be produced in 3D . The original theatrical release was planned for autumn 2014.

In July 2015, Paramount announced that a contract had been signed with several North American cinema chains, which provided that Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension and the Scouts vs. Zombies - Handbook on the Zombie Apocalypse as part of an experiment are to be offered digitally as video-on-demand shortly after the cinema release . In return, Paramount offered the cinemas a share of the profits. Many cinema chains agreed, including AMC , National Amusements , Alamo Drafthouse, and Cineplex (Canada). However, since several larger chains also declined the offer, the films were shown in only approx. 1350 North American cinemas (cf. approx. 3000 for the earlier Paranormal Activity films). Video-on-demand was released 17 days after the day the films were shown in fewer than 300 theaters in North America. The reason for the attempt and the associated intervention in the film exploitation is assumed to be the miserable box-office result from MGM's Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015). A chairman of Paramount Pictures explained that Paramount's strategy is to try to compensate for the lack of forecasted box office revenues for the two films early on with a digital release.


Overall, the reviews of the film are very negative. At Rotten Tomatoes , only 11% of the 61 reviews are positive, with an average rating of 3.3 / 10.

"The" Paranormal Activity "series comes to a mixed but consistent end with" Ghost Dimension "."

- Andreas Staben : film starts

The film service certifies that the sixth sequel in the film series has many formal inconsistencies and logical errors, and the film only takes up the already known motifs of the film series without creating tension.


Producer Jason Blum commented on USA Today in June 2015 regarding a possible sequel:

“It's coming to an end. This is it, the finale. We're saying it before the movie opens. […] All the questions that everyone has asked from the past Paranormal Activity films […] have been teased out. Now they will be answered. "

"It is over. This is the final. We said this before the film was released. […] All the questions that everyone has asked themselves since the previous films […] have been explored. Now they will be answered. "

- Jason Blum : USA Today /

Despite this announcement and the big reveal of the film, Blum said that a reboot of the franchise was not ruled out, but had not yet been discussed.

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