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Peter Forsskål (1732–1763)

Peter Forsskål , also Pehr Forsskål , Peter Forskaol , Petrus Forskål or Pehr Forsskåhl , (born  January 11, 1732 in Helsinki , † July 11, 1763 in Jerim in Yemen ) was a Swedish / Finnish naturalist and orientalist. Its official botanical author's abbreviation is “ Forssk. ".


He studied at the University of Uppsala / Sweden and was a student of Linné , then in Göttingen of Johann David Michaelis . In 1756 he was elected a corresponding member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences .

From 1761 he took part in the Arabia expedition financed by the Danish king, together with Carsten Niebuhr and other scientists. In Egypt and Yemen he collected and described a variety of plants and animals. There he died of malaria in 1763 .

In 1767 Carsten Niebuhr returned to Copenhagen as the only survivor of the expedition and published the data and documents collected from the expedition. This included Forsskål's works, which appeared in 1775 as Descriptiones Animalium - Avium, amphiborum, insectorum, vermium quæ in itinere orientali observavit Petrus Forskål . In the same year a directory of the plants of Yemen and Lower Egypt was published : Flora Ægyptiaco-Arabica sive descriptiones plantarum quas per Ægyptum Inferiorem et Arabiam felicem detexit, illustravit Petrus Forskål .

Taxa named after Forsskål

The plant genus Forsskaolea L. from the nettle family (Urticaceae) was named after him, as was the species Sansevieria forskaliana (Schult.f.) Hepper & JRIWood .


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