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Coat of arms of the princes of Lobkowitz from 1728 from Christoph Weigel's coat of arms calendar

Phillip Hyacinth von Lobkowitz ( Czech: Filip Hyacint Josef z Lobkowicz ) (born May 25, 1680 in Neustadt an der Waldnaab ; † December 21, 1737 in Vienna ) was the 4th Prince of Lobkowitz , Duke of Sagan , owner of the Prince County of Störnstein and other properties in the Upper Palatinate , Silesia and Bohemia .


He was the eldest son of Ferdinand August von Lobkowitz and his first wife Claudia Franziska von Nassau-Hadamar . Through his marriage to Eleonore Karoline Charlotte Popel von Lobkowicz , the heir to the Lobkowitz-Bilin family, the property in Bilin , Eisenberg etc. passed to him and he founded the Raudnitz branch of the older Popel von Lobkowitz line . In 1707 the princely family left Neustadt an der Waldnaab and stayed in Vienna and their Bohemian possessions.

Patronage and Musicians

Like his father, he is also considered a friend and patron of lute music and an active lutenist ; he also composed some works for the lute. He has also contributed essential works to the Raudnitz sheet music library

The lutenist Silvius Leopold Weiss was one of his friends at the Viennese court . Christoph Willibald Gluck's father was a forester in the service of Phillip Hyacinth in Eisenberg. During his time in Vienna, Phillip Hyacinth promoted Christoph Willibald Gluck from 1729. With the stepbrother of Phillip Hyacinth , Georg Christian von Lobkowitz , he undertook a trip through Europe, which took him to London . Gluck dedicated operas La Sofonisba (1744), Ippolito (1745) and a pasticcio (1743) to him. For the Loretto Chapel in Prague , Phillip Hyacinth founded an important music band at the time.

Marriages and offspring

Phillip Hyacinth was married twice. When he died in Vienna in 1734, his oldest son, Wenzel (Vaclav) Ferdinand, was only 11 years old. So his mother Maria Wilhelmine had to take over the guardianship.

In his first marriage, on October 17, 1703, he married Countess Eleonore Karoline von Lobkowitz on Bilin (September 9, 1684, † March 3, 1720).

  • Ferdinand († 1704)

In his second marriage, on August 25, 1721, he married Maria Wilhelmine Countess Althann (born March 26, 1704; † December 27, 1757); second marriage to her cousin Gundaker Ludwig Graf Althann ,

  • Vaclav Ferdinand (1723–1739)
  • Ferdinand Philipp (Apostol Joseph Johann Nepomuck Adalbert Anastaz) Joseph (born April 27, 1724 in Hlavní město Praha ; † January 14, 1784 in Vienna) ⚭ 1769 with Gabrielle de Savoie-Carignano (born March 27, 1748 in Turin ; † 10. April 1828 in Vienna)
    • Josef Franz Maximilian (December 8, 1772 in Vienna; † December 16, 1816 in Třeboň ), ⚭ 1792 with Maria Karolina zu Schwarzenberg (* September 7, 1775 in Vienna; † January 24, 1816 in Prague)
  • Marie Anna (1725-1729)
  • Anne Maria Elisabeth (born November 23, 1726; † July 29, 1786 in Vienna) ⚭ 1743 with Corfitz Anton Ulfeldt (born June 15, 1699 in Kronstadt; † December 31, 1769 in Vienna)
  • Philip Josef (1728–1729)
  • Karl Josef (1732–1734)


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