Plymouth Model U

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Model U
Production period: 1929
Class : Middle class
Body versions : Touring car , roadster , sedan , coupé
Engines: Otto engine :
2.9 liters (33 kW)
Length: 4293 mm
Wheelbase :
Empty weight : 1125-1173 kg
Previous model Plymouth Model Q
successor Plymouth model 30U

The Plymouth Model U was a mid- size car manufactured by Chrysler under the brand name Plymouth in the 1929 model year. The cheapest version of the Business Coupé cost only US $ 655, another US $ 15 less than the Roadster Coupé in the previous year.

The car had a side-controlled four-cylinder in-line engine with 2874 cm³, which delivered an output of 45 bhp (33 kW) and, unlike the previous model, was Chrysler's own construction. The rear wheels were driven via a single-disc dry clutch and a three-speed gearbox with center shift. All four wheels were braked hydraulically. The superstructures customary at the time were offered with two and four doors. There was a choice of four-door touring cars, two- and four-door sedans, two-door business coupes and deluxe coupes as well as two-door roadsters. The cars were similar to the previous model Q. The name Chrysler was omitted, making Plymouth an independent brand for everyone.

When the model was replaced by the 30U model in April 1930 , 108,345 copies were made.


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