2012 Luge America Pacific Championships

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2012 Luge America Pacific Championships


Men's Ladies
Single seater United StatesUnited States Christopher Mazdzer United StatesUnited States Julia Clukey
Two-seater CanadaCanada Walker / Justin Snith

The 2012 America-Pacific Luge Championships were held from February 8th to 9th, 2013 as part of the 8th World Cup race of the 2012/13 season on the Mount Van Hoevenberg Olympic bobsleigh in Lake Placid , United States . There were competitions in the single-seater for men and women and the two-seater. All competitions were decided in two runs, the results of the World Cup races in the respective disciplines were used for the evaluation. Since the Luge World Championships 2013, traditionally held at the end of January or the beginning of February, took place in Whistler , Canada , the North American World Cup station, which is usually scheduled for December, was brought closer to the event. The aim was to reduce travel and transport costs for athletes and associations. The continental America-Pacific title fights of 2012 therefore only took place at the beginning of 2013.

American Julia Clukey won in the women's singles, her compatriot Christopher Mazdzer secured the title in the men's singles and the Canadians Tristan Walker and Justin Snith won the doubles classification .

Defending champion

At the last America-Pacific Championships in 2011 in Calgary, Canada, the Canadian Alex Gough won in the women's singles, her compatriot Samuel Edney in the men’s singles and the American doubles Matt Mortensen and Preston Griffall .

Women's singles

space sportswoman Terms time
01 United StatesUnited States Julia Clukey 44.383  s
44.352 s
1: 28.735  minutes
02 CanadaCanada Alex Gough 44.408 s
44.340 s
1:+0.013 s
03 United StatesUnited States Erin Hamlin 44.434 s
44.425 s
1:+0.124 s
04th United StatesUnited States Kate Hansen 44.660 s
44.640 s
1:+0.565 s
05 United StatesUnited States Emily Sweeney 44.751 s
44.695 s
1:+0.711 s
06th CanadaCanada Kimberley McRae 44.874 s
45.049 s
1:+1.188 s
07th CanadaCanada Arianne Jones 45.024 s
44.935 s
1:+1.224 s
08th CanadaCanada Jordan Smith 45.456 s
45.680 s
1:+2.401 s

Date: February 8th
The title in the women's singles was surprisingly won by the American Julia Clukey ahead of the Canadian Alex Gough and her teammate Erin Hamlin . Clukey finished second behind the German Natalie Geisenberger in the World Cup , Gough came third. The other places in the America-Pacific ranking were secured by Erin Hamlin, who finished fifth behind Anke Wischnewski in the World Cup , ahead of Kate Hansen (6th place in the World Cup race) and Emily Sweeney , who came ninth in the World Cup race. Kimberley McRae (12th in the World Cup race) was sixth in the America-Pacific Championships, her compatriot Arianne Jones (13th in the World Cup race) followed directly behind, Jordan Smith , who also started for Canada . She finished 19th in the World Cup. Hansen, Sweeney, Jones and Smith had qualified for the championship race through the Nations Cup. Clukey, Gough, Hamlin and McRae were seated.

Men's single seaters

Christopher Mazdzer, winner in the men's singles
space athlete Terms time
01 United StatesUnited States Christopher Mazdzer 52.667  s
52.520 s
1: 45.187  minutes
02 CanadaCanada Samuel Edney 52.557 s
52.660 s
1:+0.030 s
03 United StatesUnited States Taylor Cloy Morris 52.579 s
52.643 s
1:+0.035 s
04th United StatesUnited States Joe Mortensen 52.635 s
52.657 s
1:+0.105 s
DNF United StatesUnited States Isaac Underwood

Date: February 9th
America Pacific Champion became the American Christopher Mazdzer , who secured the championship title ahead of the defending champion Samuel Edney and his teammate Taylor Cloy Morris . The American Joe Mortensen finished fourth, his compatriot Isaac Underwood supported in the first run and did not reach the finish. Mazdzer finished fifth in the World Cup race, Edney and Morris followed in 6th and 7th place respectively, Mortensen finished 11th. All starters had to qualify for the championship race via the Nations Cup. Jayson Terdiman , who also competed in the Nations Cup , did not succeed.


Tristan Walker and Justin Snith, winners in doubles
space athlete Terms time
01 CanadaCanada Tristan Walker / Justin Snith 44.237  s
44.333 s
1: 28.570  minutes
02 United StatesUnited States Matt Mortensen / Preston Griffall 44.441 s
44.472 s
1:+0.343 s
03 United StatesUnited States Jacob Hyrns / Andrew Sherk 44.494 s
44.618 s
1:+0.542 s

Date: February 8th.
Three pairs of doubles took part in the competition, for which all starters had to qualify via the Nations Cup. The Canadians Tristan Walker and Justin Snith secured the title of the America-Pacific Championship ahead of the Americans Matt Mortensen and Preston Griffall and their compatriots Jacob Hyrns and Andrew Sherk . In the regular World Cup races, the winners Walker / Snith came in fourth ahead of Linger / Linger and Mortensen / Griffall, Hyrns / Sherk came in eighth.

Medal table

space country gold silver bronze total
1 United StatesUnited States United States 2 1 3 6th
2 CanadaCanada Canada 1 2 0 3

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  1. a b c In the Luge Nations Cup, athletes who do not belong to the seeded groups must qualify for the World Cup.