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The Rheinische subjects is the linguistic transition area from the Lower Franconian about Ripuarian and Mosel Franconian to the Rhine Franconian . It extends from north to south from Uerdingen , Düsseldorf-Benrath , Cologne , Bonn , Bad Honnef , Linz , Bad Hönningen , Koblenz and St. Goar to Speyer and covers the area of ​​the German Lower Rhine , the Cologne Bay , the Eifel and the Westerwald and the Hunsrück .

In this area the second German phonetic shift was only partially carried out. The Ripuarian dialects and dialects spoken south of it in the area of ​​the Rhenish fan are largely counted as Central German . The further north a dialect is in the Rhenish fan, the more it resembles Low German or Low Franconian. The unit plural line, the northernmost line of the Rhenish fan, is the language border to Westphalian .

The Rhenish fan
1: Northern Lower Franconian
2: Southern Lower Franconian
3: Ripuarian
4: Northern Moselle Franconian
5: Southern Moselle Franconian
6: Rhine Franconian
Isogloss North Southern
plural line (Rhein-Issel-Linie, "Westphalian Line")
(we / you / they) makt (you) make, (we / you) make
North Lower Franconian ( Brabantisch , Kleverländisch , Ostbergisch )
Uerdinger line
Lower Franconian / Central German border
ik I
Southern Lower Franconian ( Limburgish including Bergisch )
Benrath line maken do
Ripuarian ( Kölsch , Bönnsch , Öcher Platt , Eischwiele Platt , Dürener Platt , Hommersch , Kerkrader Platt )
Bad Honnefer line (roughly the border between North Rhine-Westphalia and RP )
Eifel barrier
Dorp Village
northern Moselle Franconian ( Luxembourgish , northern Siegerland Platt )
Linz line tëschen, tëscht zwëschen, zwëscht 'between'
Bad Hönninger Line ( Vinxtbach Line ) op of 'on'
southern Moselle Franconian ( Koblenzer Platt , southern Siegerland Platt , Wäller Platt )
Boppard line Korf basket
Sankt Goarer line
Hunsrück barrier
dat the
Rheinfränkisch ( Palatinate , Rheinhessian , Hessian )
Speyer Line / Germersheim Line
Central / Upper German border
Appel, Pund Apple, pound
Karlsruhe Line
Middle / Upper German Border (outdated)
You guys Enk, Mähet
Upper German languages

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