Robin Hood and his daring companions

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German title Robin Hood and his daring companions
Original title The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1952
length 84 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Ken Annakin
script Lawrence Edward Watkin
production Perce Pearce
Walt Disney
music Clifton Parker
camera Guy Green
cut Gordon Pilkington

Robin Hood and his daring journeymen (alternative title: Robin Hood - Rebel des König ; original title: The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men ) is an American adventure film by director Ken Annakin from 1952 with Richard Todd , Joan Rice , Peter Finch and James Hayter in the lead roles. The film was produced by the Walt Disney Company .


The English King Richard the Lionheart is preparing for a crusade to the Holy Land with a host of knights . Count Huntingdon is one of his companions. His daughter Marian is friends with Robin Fitzooth, the son of the count's forester, and is now condemned to spend the time at the king's court until her father returns. Robin looks sadly after the riders. He would love to be among them; but he's still a little too young for that. Prince John , the ambitious brother of the monarch , is now in charge of the regent's official duties . He has the plan to disempower Richard and take his place himself. De Lacy , to whom he has left the county of Nottinghamshire as a fief, serves him as a henchman . His first task is to set up a powerful bodyguard made up of the best archers in the country. In order to find suitable men, he advertises a competition.

Old Fitzooth has also lined up on the fairground, accompanied by his son Robin. Fitzooth's arrows always hit the mark. When the recruiters approach him, he frankly tells them that he will not join a horde of bandits and highwaymen. In the scuffle that followed, he was sneakily murdered by Prince John's henchmen. Robin manages to escape his pursuers.

It did not take long for the news to spread among the people that a certain Robin Hood was fleecing the rich in the name of the Lionheart and distributing the money to the farmers who had been robbed of their belongings by Prince John's cronies. Little by little, more and more faithful to Robin's gang gather. Even an eloquent and hard-drinking brother is among them.

Two years have passed when the message comes into the country that King Richard the Lionheart was captured by the Habsburgs on his return from the Holy Land and would only be released for a large ransom. Richard's mother and the Archbishop of Canterbury will do their utmost to raise the requested amount. They receive donations from all over the country, except from Prince John. When asked for his share, he explains that all his coffers are exhausted as a result of Robin Hood's robbery. Marian witnesses this conversation. The next day she visits her childhood friend in Sherwood Forest and suggests that he convince the court of his honest disposition and loyalty to the king with a generous donation. Robin Hood and his daring companions are happy to agree.

After receiving the ransom, Richard the Lionheart returns to England. Robin is knighted. As Count von Loxley, he can now bring home his beloved Marian.


The German theatrical version from 1952 was considered lost for a long time, but was rediscovered. The ARD synchronization was created in 1982 by Berliner Synchron GmbH Wenzel Lüdecke .

role actor Dubbing voice
Robin Fitzooth Richard Todd Ivar Combrinck
Lady Marian Joan Rice Marina Genschow
Sheriff of Nottingham Peter Finch Christian Rode
Brother tuck James Hayter Gerd Duwner
Little John James Robertson Justice Hans W. Hamacher
Queen Eleanor Martita Hunt Inge Estate
Prince John Hubert Gregg Klaus Jepsen
Stutely Bill Owen Andreas Mannkopff
Allan-a-Dale Elton Hayes Jürgen Huebner
Archbishop of Canterbury Anthony Eustrel Günter Hanke
King Richard Patrick Barr Horst Schön
Will Scarlet Anthony Forwood Norbert Gescher
Midge, the miller Hal Osmond Gerd Holtenau
Scathelock Michael Hordern Toni Herbert


“To put an end to the unscrupulous exploitation of the English people by the pretender to the throne John Plantagenet, Robin Hood gathers a group of brave rebels in Sherwood Forest. The rustic knight drama from the Disney production offers adventure romance and comedic nuances in a pleasant mixture: entertaining family entertainment. Remake of the first Robin Hood color film from 1938. "

Production notes

The sound editing comes from Winston Ryder, the costumes were provided by Michael Whittaker , the buildings were created by Carmen Dillon . Geoffrey Rodway and Vivienne Walker were responsible for the masks and hairstyles. Muir Mathieson was the conductor as the musical director. The film was set in Burnham Beeches, Buckinghamshire , England .


A laser disc was released in 1992, a VHS cassette (from the Walt Disney Studio Film Collection) was released in 1994, and a limited DVD Disney Movie Club Edition in English was released in July 2006. All versions are 4: 3 full screen with mono soundtrack.

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