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City of Sarstedt
Coat of arms of Ruthe
Coordinates: 52 ° 14 ′ 51 ″  N , 9 ° 50 ′ 3 ″  E
Height : 62 m
Residents : 332  (Aug 1, 2014)
Incorporation : March 1, 1974
Postal code : 31157
Area code : 05066

Ruthe is a village and district in the city of Sarstedt in the Hildesheim district , Lower Saxony .


The place lies between the rivers Leine and Innerste .

The old town center is about 66 m above sea level. The Hopfenberg settlement and the facilities on the Schäferberg are about 80 m above sea level.


Ruthe was first mentioned in a document around 990 when the diocese boundaries of the Diocese of Hildesheim were established . This document reports on a Deddi from Rothun . Around the year 1000 AD, Bishop Bernward von Hildesheim received approx. 6 to 7 hooves of land around the point where the Innerste flows into the Leine from Emperor Otto III. given.

From 1235 Ruthe was part of the Principality of Hildesheim . In 1277 the prince-bishopric of Hildesheim acquired the fishing rights in the Leine near Ruthe. In the 13th century there was a fortification system in Ruthe in a lighter construction, which was destroyed in 1283 by Duke Albrecht von Braunschweig-Lüneburg.

Around 1290 a new castle was built in Ruthe to secure the north-western border of the diocese under Bishop Siegfried II . Ruthe was first mentioned as a bailiwick in 1379 . In the following period, Ruthe Castle was usually pledged to various knights throughout .

At the end of the Hildesheim collegiate feud in 1521, the Ruther Castle was destroyed by Erich von Calenberg . Thereafter, Ruthe belonged to the Principality of Calenberg for about 120 years .

Since the service yard was completely destroyed with the Ruther Castle, the administrative administration, as well as the management of the land, was carried out from Koldingen Castle . Up to the middle of the 16th century there is talk of the courts of Koldingen and Ruthe. After that only from the Koldingen office .

From 1643 Ruthe again belonged to the prince-bishopric of Hildesheim. The old office was restored and corresponding buildings were erected. In 1664 Ruthe had 33 inhabitants. The Amt Ruthe included 14 villages and the city of Sarstedt. The brewery was built after 1676. Today this building is the oldest secular building in the city of Sarstedt.

In 1751 the Hildesheim prince-bishop Clemens August (also prince-bishop of Cologne) had a castle built in Ruthe. The construction was completed in 1755. A castle church with an area of ​​around 21 × 11 m is integrated into it.

Leine bridge

The Ruthe ferry operated until the new Leine Bridge was built in 1873.

Due to the construction of the palace, the farm yard was relocated to the Schäferberg, where the teaching and research material of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover is now located. On May 14, 1891, a fire destroyed the castle. However, many movable art treasures could be saved. From 1896, a new church was built on the foundation walls of the old castle church.

In 1965 the development of the Hopfenberg settlement began . In 1988, Ruthe celebrated its 1000th anniversary.

As a result of the regional reform on March 1, 1974, Ruthe was incorporated into the city of Sarstedt together with Gödringen , Heisede , Hotteln , Giften and Schliekum .

In 1990 the last ten properties on the Hopfenberg were developed.

Population development

  • 1900 - 289 inhabitants
  • 1905 - 362 inhabitants
  • 1910 - 300 inhabitants
  • 1925 - 338 inhabitants
  • 2014 - 332 inhabitants


The Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity was built in 1896/97, and since 2010 it has belonged to the Heilig Geist parish in Sarstedt. There is also a Catholic cemetery in Ruthe. The Protestant residents of Ruthe belong to the Evangelical Lutheran St. Nikolai community Heisede-Ruthe with a church in the neighboring village of Heisede .


The local mayor is Manfred Furich from the SPD.

The local council is composed as follows (as of September 2016):

  • We in Ruthe: 3 seats
  • SPD: 2 seats
  • CDU: 1 seat
  • WHAT: 1 seat

Economy and Infrastructure

Entrance area to the research project GEO600 next to plantings of the Institute for Horticultural Production Systems

In Ruthe are the teaching and research material of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover and a test area for fruit growing of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Leibniz University Hannover , on which the research project GEO600 (Gravitational Wave Observatory ) of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics is housed.


The Ruthe soccer club holds the Berthold C. Haferland Cup every year .

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