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Sabina Classen with Holy Moses at a concert in Bamberg 2019
Sabina Hankel-Hirtz 2005 in Wacken

Sabina Hirtz (* 27. December 1963 in Aachen , divorced Classen ) is a German thrash metal - singer and TV presenter . She was one of the few women in Thrash Metal, especially in the 1980s, and is one of the most important women in the metal scene , especially with her activity in the band Holy Moses . She is known for her extremely rough singing style.

Musical career

Classen grew up with two younger siblings in Aachen. Through her uncle she got to know bands like The Sweet , The Rolling Stones , Jimi Hendrix and Motörhead . Together with her boyfriend and future husband Andy Classen , she played Uriah Heep Cover in a band called Disaster . Shortly afterwards, in 1981, Andy Classen left Disaster and joined Holy Moses . During a rehearsal in December 1981, the singer Iggy was kicked out of the band, Sabina Classen took his place.

In 1986 she participated in the X-Mas Project .

After divorcing her husband Andy Classen, Sabina Classen took a break with Holy Moses in 1992 and founded Temple of the Absurd . After two albums, the band broke up in 2000, at the same time Classen re-formed Holy Moses. She is still active live with Holy Moses and the last album was released in 2015.


With Holy Moses

Guest Posts

  • 1990: Howlin 'Mad : Vocals for Drunk' til Emptiness on the album Insanity
  • 1992: Warpath : vocals Those Crawling Insects on the album When War Begins ... Truth Disappears
  • 1998: Uncle Tom Angelripper : Backround singer on the album Ein droplet full of happiness
  • 2001: Powergod : Singing with Stars ( Hear 'n Aid Cover) and backround vocals with XXX ( Nasty Savage ; Cover) on the album That's Metal Lesson I - Bleed for the Gods
  • 2005: Reckless Tide : Singing with Lebende Organverpflanzung and Reckless Tide on the album Repent or Seal Your Fate
  • 2005: Torment : Vocals for Please Don't Touch ( Johnny Kidd & The Pirates ) on the album Tormentation
  • 2007: Fall of Serenity vocals for Act of Grace and backround singer on the album The Crossfire
  • 2008: Doro : Gesang Celebrate (Full Metal Version) on the EP Celebrate (The Night of the Warlock)
  • 2013: Izegrim : Singing for Manifest of Megalomaniac , on the album Congress of the Insane
  • 2016: Doro : Singing for East Meets West ( Warlock Cover) on the album Strong and Proud - 30 Years of Rock and Metal
  • 2018: SeelenWalzer : MeeresBlut on the album Totgeglaut .

Media engagements

At the age of 13 and 14 she was already active as a reporter for RTL Radio . At the end of the 1980s she was the presenter of the metal show Mosh on RTL and from 1997 on the online show Bullet TV .

From August 2011 to September 2013 she was seen as a therapist in the RTL2 program " Das Messie-Team ". In 2014 she was seen as a therapist in the RTL2 program "Teenager in Not".


Important influences for Sabina Classen are Black Sabbath , Venom , Slayer , Possessed , Celtic Frost , Bathory , AC / DC , Motörhead and Kiss .


Sabina Classen trained as a state-approved alternative practitioner in the field of psychotherapy and made off with his own practice independently .

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