Sandra Krege

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Krege, Sandra 2004.jpg
Sandra Krege, 2004
Association GermanyGermany Germany
Born August 31, 1987
Current  Elo rating 2088 (December 2019)
Best Elo rating 2114 (October 2005)
Tab at the FIDE (English)

Sandra Krege (born August 31, 1987 ) is a German chess player . In 2005 she won the German women's chess championship .

Youth tournaments

The first three of the U11 in Oberhof 1998:
Friederike Wolk, Sandra Krege, Maria Schöne

Sandra Krege was runner-up at the German U11 youth championships in 1998, behind Friederike Wolk and ahead of Maria Schöne . A year later, she played at the Youth World Cup in 1999 in the U12 female group in Oropesa del Mar , which Nana Dsagnidze won.

1999 followed in Dresden an international match of the girls U14 between England and Germany. In 2000 she played in a match between countries in London , which was held with two teams of four: U14 female (Franziska Beltz, Sarah Brethauer, Sandra Krege, Maria Schöne ) and U12 female ( Judith Fuchs , Annett Hofmann, Melanie Ohme , Anne Reiske).

At the girls' world championship U14 in 2000 in Oropesa del Mar she scored 6.5 out of 11. 2001 at the German youth championship for girls U14 in Willingen she was second behind Maria Schöne. In the age group U16 female of the German Youth Championship 2002 in Winterberg , which Maria Schöne won, she took 6th place. She was also sixth in 2003 in the same age group in Willingen, Helene Romakin was first. In 2004 she played at the German U18 youth championship in Willingen and came back to 6th place, Stefanie Schulz won the championship.

Open and women's tournaments

She played her first open in 1998 in Kassel and scored 2.5 points from 7 games, Bernd Rechel won ahead of Lev Gutman and Viesturs Meijers . In 2003 she competed for Saxony-Anhalt at the German women's team championship of the state associations in Naumburg (Saale) .

In 2004 she won the 17th open German women's individual championship in Osterburg ahead of Tatiana Melamed .
In 2005 she was first at the German women's individual championship in Bad Königshofen before Ljubow Kopylowa .

Women's Chess League

Sandra Krege played in the 1st German Women's Chess League in the 2001/02 season and from the 2004/05 season to the 2007/08 season as a guest player for USV Halle (from 2006 USV Volksbank Halle), with which she won the 2007 German Women's team championship won.

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