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Sarbeg Ivanovich Beriaschwili ( Georgian ზარბეგ ბერიაშვილი , Russian Зарбег Иванович Бериашвили ; born September 10, 1939 in Tbilisi ; † April 22, 2020 ) was a Soviet wrestler of Georgian descent, world champion and three-time European champion or free-style lightweight champion.


Sarbeg Beriashvili comes from Georgia . After his initial successes, he was delegated to the wrestling center in Tbilisi , where he matured into an excellent freestyle wrestler. At the beginning of the 1960s he was accepted into the Soviet national team of freestyle wrestlers and used for the first time at the 1963 World Cup in Sofia at an international championship. In Sofia he was able to achieve a great success straight away, because he became vice world champion. He defeated such experts as Enju Valtschew-Dimow from Bulgaria and Mahmut Atalay from Turkey . His defeat in the final battle against the Japanese came as a bit of a surpriseIwao Horiuchi .

At the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964 he scored three points wins in his first three fights, since he was burdened with one missing point each, his defeat in the 4th round against Mahmut Atalay was enough for his elimination. Therefore he only finished 6th. Sarbeg had a similar experience at the 1965 World Cup in Manchester . He scored four points wins again, u. a. about Jan Karlsson from Sweden , Enju Valtschew-Dimow and Iwao Horiuchi and then retired after a draw with Mahmut Atalay, but still won the bronze medal.

In 1966, Sarbeg finally won a major international championship. This year the European championships were reintroduced. In Karlsruhe , Sarbeg convinced with seven wins in a row. At the world championship of the same year in Toledo / USA , however, he disappointed a bit, because after two victories he was defeated by Enju Valtschew-Dimow and the American Werner Holzer and only came in 6th place.

1967 was a very successful year for Sarbeg. He was European champion again in Istanbul in the spring and came 2nd at the World Cup in New Delhi in the fall . Sarbeg wrestled with it u. a. draw against his long-term rival Enju Valtschew-Dimow and the Iranian superstar Abdollah Movahed . Movahed had a slightly better point relationship and became world champion ahead of Sarbeg.

In 1968 Sarbeg Beriashvili started for the second time in the Olympic Games and for the second time he did not win an Olympic medal. He remained undefeated, but after winning points over Dandsandardschaagiin Sereeter from Mongolia and Iwao Horiuchi, two undecided fights against Enju Valchev-Dimow and Wayne Wells from the USA meant his elimination before the final round and 5th place.

Then Sarbeg switched to the welterweight division and had another two very successful years. In 1969 he was finally world champion in Mar del Plata ahead of Wayne Wells and in 1970 he won a European championship for the third time in Berlin .

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, F = free style, Le = lightweight, at that time up to 68 kg or 74 kg body weight)


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