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Sebastian Fröschel after a woodcut from the 16th century

Sebastian Fröschel (born February 24, 1497 in Amberg , Upper Palatinate , † December 20, 1570 in Wittenberg ) was a Lutheran theologian who temporarily belonged to the inner circle of the Wittenberg Reformation .

Live and act

The son of an Amberg bourgeois family had been studying with Georg Helt in Leipzig since 1514 , when he was an eyewitness to the Leipzig disputation between Martin Luther and Johannes Eck in the summer of 1519 - just doing his "Magister Artium" doctorate . This encounter won him over to the Reformation.

He was ordained a priest in 1521 , but soon got into conflict because of his reformation-friendly convictions. In November 1522 Fröschel went to Wittenberg and soon joined the circle around Luther.

In his book Continued Collection of Old and New Theological Matters , Fröschel reported on the considerations, decisions, and processes surrounding Luther's reform of worship at that time, in which Fröschel was also directly involved. Luther placed the sermon right at the center of the divine service, immediately behind the creed. To hold the entire service in German appeared to Luther too early at the time.

In 1523 Fröschel was asked by friends there to preach in Leipzig. When the church door was locked for him, there was a crowd. On the report of the bishop, Duke Georg von Sachsen appeared in Leipzig, had Fröschel arrested and expelled him from the country. His opponents sneered that Fröschel had "sucked himself in poison in the Wittenberg heretic pit and became a toad".

In 1525 Fröschel returned to Wittenberg via Halle (Saale) . Here it was from 1528 next to the pastor Johannes Bugenhagen third and the two deacons Georg Rorer and John mantle Deacon at Wittenberg town church. In 1542 he was promoted to archdeacon and remained so until his death in 1570. Philipp Melanchthon provided the passionate preacher Fröschel with exegetical and dogmatic material for decades. Luther also made critical remarks about Fröschel's quite general scolding sermons, but Diaconus Fröschel was also allowed to represent Luther himself at ordinations and was often a guest of his family.


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