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Sebastian Niemann (born April 2, 1625 in Lübeck , † March 6, 1684 in Schleswig ) was a German Lutheran theologian.


Niemann came from a respected bourgeois family in Lübeck. The son of the businessman Sebastian Niemann († 1633) and his wife Salome, the daughter of Johannes Stauber and his wife Gertrud von Dohren, had received a private tutor at an early stage who was particularly concerned with promoting his talents. After his father's death, his relatives took over his training in Neustadt in Holstein , so that in 1642 he was able to move into the University of Rostock . Here he attended the lectures of Joachim Stockmann (1592–1653), Joachim Lütkemann , Johann Quistorp the Elder and Johannes Cothmann . In 1644 he continued his studies at the University of Königsbergwhere, among other things, Christian Dreier became his teacher. In 1646 he was employed as a tutor to the son of David Gloxin Friedrich. Because Gloxin always took his son with him on his travels, Niemann got to know different states and their peoples.

On a study trip through the most important places and university towns in Holland, they came to the University of Helmstedt in 1649 . Niemann stayed here for two years, where he attended lectures by Conrad Hornejus (1590–1649), Georg Calixt , Gerhard Titius (1620–1681) and Balthasar Cellarius . In 1651 he moved to the University of Jena , acquired the degree of master's degree on July 31 of the same year and from then on held private lectures. After he had obtained his licentiate in theology in 1654 , he was appointed associate professor of theology in 1655; in June 1657 he became full professor of theology at the Jena University and received his doctorate in theology on October 13, 1657.

After the death of Christian Chemnitz (1615–1666), he also became superintendent and pastor in Jena and assessor at the consistory in Jena. In Jena he also took part in the organizational tasks of the university and was rector of the alma mater in the winter semesters 1663/64 and 1669/70 . In 1676, Duke Christian Albrecht of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf appointed him general superintendent, consistorial councilor and court preacher in Gottorf Castle . After a trip to Hamburg, his health was weakened and he returned to Holstein, where he was bedridden and died.


Niemann was married twice. His first marriage was on October 13, 1657 with Martha (Maria) Justina (* March 21, 1633 in Erfurt, † January 21, 1676 in Schleswig), the daughter of the highest councilor in Erfurt Johann Melchior Förster and his wife Maria, the Daughter of the supreme quadruple in Erfurt Jacob Berger and his wife Agneta Weitmann. The marriage resulted in three daughters and one son. We know of these:

  • Johann Sebastian Niemann (became a preacher in Witzwort)
  • Justina Magaretha Niemann († in Schleswig)
  • Maria Sophia Niemann
  • Anna Regina Niemann († 1668 in Jena)

His second marriage was on May 7, 1677 with Elisabeth, the daughter of the chamberlain and councilor in Lübeck Bernhard Frese . A son and a daughter result from the marriage:

  • Friderica Amalia Niemann
  • Christian Albrecht Niemann (born May 17, 1680 in Schleswig; † May 13, 1734 in Lübeck) mayor of Lübeck

The widow Elisabeth married the Lübeck mayor Anton Winckler at the beginning of 1705, 21 years after Niemann's death .


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