Naval War Academy NG Kuznetsov

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Kuznetsov Naval War Academy
founding 1827
Sponsorship Flag of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.svg Vg Russia ,

military college of
the Russian Federation

place St. Petersburg
country Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Chief of the Military Academy Adm i. R. Maximov
Professors 64
Naval War Academy in St. Petersburg 2009

The Naval War Academy “N. G. Kuznetsov “ ( Russian Военно-морская академия им. Н. Г. Кузнецова ) is a military college for the academic training and further education of officers of the Russian naval fleet in Saint Petersburg and named after Nikolai Kuznetsov .


The history of this academy goes back to the 19th century. In 1827 the higher officer classes were formed in the Marine Cadet Corps. From 1862, these higher classes were referred to as the Academic Course for Maritime Sciences (Академический курс морских наук, Akademicheskij kurs morskich nauk). In 1877 the name was changed to Nikolaev Naval Academy (Николаевская морская академия, Nikolajewskaja morskaja akademija).

After the October Revolution , the Naval Academy began training commanders for the Soviet navy in 1919. From 1922 the training facility was called Naval War Academy of the Red Workers and Peasants Fleet . After the end of the Second World War , the engineering faculties became the independent naval war academy for shipbuilding and armament “A. N. Krylov ” . The Naval War Academy for commanders " K. J. Voroshilov " was created on the basis of the remaining commanding faculty . Just 15 years later, the two academies were merged to form the Naval War Academy . The seat of the academy was in Leningrad, today's Saint Petersburg .


  • 1960–1968 Order of Lenin Naval War Academy
  • 1968 Ushakov Naval War Academy
  • 1976 Ushakov Naval War Academy Marshal of the Soviet Union A. A. Grechko
  • 1990 Naval War Academy N. G. Kuznetsov

The military academy has received numerous awards. She was awarded the Order of Lenin , the Order of Ushakov and the Order of the October Revolution , among others .

Academy director


The Naval War Academy trains commanders and engineers for the naval war fleet. Leaders from other socialist countries were also trained at the academy. In addition, it was and is the scientific center for working out the problems of naval warfare, warship building and the armament of the fleet. Furthermore, the academy dealt with the questions of the construction, preparation and use of the forces and resources of the naval war fleet.

Coordinates: 59 ° 59 ′ 4 ″  N , 30 ° 18 ′ 13 ″  E