Summer of friendship

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German title Summer of friendship
Original title A Storm in Summer
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2000
length 98 minutes
Age rating FSK -
Director Robert Wise
script Rod Serling
production Robert Halmi Jr. , Renée Valente
music Cynthia Millar
camera Albert J. Dunk
cut Jack Hofstra

Summer of Friendship is a drama film directed by Robert Wise , last directed in 2000. It is a remake of a 1970 television movie. It was produced by Hallmark Entertainment for the Hallmark Channel Original Movies series.


Abel Shaddick is a Jewish small business owner based in Fairview , New York State . His son was killed in the attack on Stuttgart during World War II . The old man still mourns him 25 years later - in 1969 - and cannot get over his death. It has become increasingly bitter over time and is therefore not very popular in the town. His useless nephew Stan lives with him irregularly and in no way comes close to his son. When Abel learns that his nephew has promised to offer an African-American child from Harlem summer vacation quarters just to make himself popular, he is initially dissatisfied. He knows that his nephew didn't mean it seriously. He also thinks that the boy should stay with him now, because the nephew won't care anyway. Therefore, he is negative towards the boy when he finally arrives in Fairview, but his nephew has already run away again.

At first the delicatessen owner wants to send little Herman back, but he challenges him with his open manner, and Abel feels it is his honor to keep the boy with him and to offer him a pleasant summer vacation. The boy makes the old man go fishing for the first time since his son's death.

In the course of the film, a connection actually develops between the two, which can definitely be described as friendship. The boy, a black, and the old man, a Jew, offer the people around them a very strange couple in 1969, which however grows together over time and becomes aware of their commonality as the others or outsiders, some of whom are in to live with constant fear of assault.

This becomes particularly clear when the two are molested by young motorcycle hooligans after going to the cinema and then have an informative conversation with each other.

After Abel receives news of the boy's brother's death from Herman's grandmother, a world collapses for Abel. Herman's brother died in the Vietnam War . The man feels reminiscent of the time of the death of his own son. The next day, Herman travels back to Harlem , New York . Abel Shaddick stays in Fairview and at the end of the film receives a call from his nephew, who once again failed at an interview and now wants to come back to Abel and move in.


Aaron Beierle praised the actors' achievements in "DVD talk". According to the lexicon of international films , the summer of friendship is “a soulful story on a high television standard”.



The drama was shot in Vancouver in 1998 .

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