Game for two

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German title Game for two
Original title Two for the Seesaw
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1962
length 119 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Robert Wise
script Isobel Lennart
production Walter Mirisch
music André Previn
camera Ted D. McCord
cut Stuart Gilmore

Game for Two is an American feature film from 1962.


Jerry Ryan comes to Manhattan from Omaha , Nebraska . The lawyer left his wife in Omaha and lost his job. His friend Oscar invites him to a party in Greenwich Village . There Jerry meets the dancer Gittel. The two begin a love affair. Life seems to be starting over for Jerry, but his mind is still on Omaha. Even when he got a new job in a well-known law firm, little changed. With the new job he earns enough to set up a dance studio for Gittel. However, Gittel is convinced that he would rather return to his wife and falls into a depression. There is an argument between Jerry and Gittel. Gittel comes to the hospital. After she has recovered, she wants to examine her relationship with Jerry. She asks him to marry her. Jerry decides against Gittel and wants to return to his wife. However, Jerry is unable to deliver this news to her personally. He calls her and tells her that he loves her but will leave her anyway.


The film was based on the play of the same name by William Gibson . It premiered on Broadway in 1958 with Henry Fonda and Anne Bancroft . The play had 750 performances and was nominated for a Tony Award . Originally, Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman were to play the leading roles in the film. However, when Liz Taylor's filming of Cleopatra was delayed, Paul Newman took on the lead role in Sharks of the City . Both were no longer eligible for the cast and were replaced by Robert Mitchum and Shirley MacLaine.


“Dialogue-heavy Hollywood drama, mainly carried by the very good actors, which fluctuates between comedy and bitter melodrama. Approaches to a more demanding figure psychology are unfortunately destroyed by the somewhat lewd staging. "

“A sensitive and serious marriage film. Worth seeing for adults. "


The film received two Academy Awards in 1963 in the categories of Best Camera (Black and White) and Best Song for the song Second Chance .

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