Solar eclipse of June 10, 2021

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Solar eclipse of June 10, 2021
Type Ring-shaped
area Northern North America , Europe , Asia
Annular: Northern Canada , Greenland , Russia
Saros cycle 147 (23 of 80)
Gamma value 0.9152
Greatest eclipse
Duration 3 minutes 51 seconds
place Nares Strait east of Ellesmere Island
location 80 ° 49 ′  N , 66 ° 48 ′  W Coordinates: 80 ° 49 ′  N , 66 ° 48 ′  W
time June 10, 2021 10:41:51 AM   UT
size 0.9435

The annular solar eclipse of June 10, 2021 took place mainly in the northern polar region. Not least because the eclipse occurred shortly before the summer solstice , the visibility area was so far north. Therefore, the course from east to west was also quite unusual, as the ring-shaped zone runs where the sun illuminated parts of the night hemisphere of the earth over the North Pole .

For the first time after the solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 , the moon was seen in front of the sun in German-speaking countries .

The annular phase could first be seen in Ontario during sunrise. The area with circular visibility continued across Hudson Bay and Baffin Island to Baffin Bay . The shadow path swept across western Greenland , the maximum of the darkness occurring over the Nares Strait . The corridor of circular visibility there was 527 kilometers wide, so it also extended over Ellesmere Island to the west of the strait and Greenland to the east. The North Pole was also later in the zone with ring-shaped visibility. Towards the end of the darkness, the corridor with ring-shaped visibility reached the New Siberian Islands and Yakutia . There the eclipse could be seen under suitable weather conditions during sunset.

Places in the ring-shaped zone

Country place Duration UTC
CanadaCanada Canada Longlac (Greenstone, Ontario) 3m 14s (circularity starts immediately after sunrise) 09:53
CanadaCanada Canada Iqaluit 3m 5s 10:08
GreenlandGreenland Greenland Qaanaaq 3m 41s 10:35
- Smithsund 2m 57s 10:37
RussiaRussia Russia Chokur roof 3m 37s 11:26
RussiaRussia Russia Srednekolymsk 3m 35s 11:27
RussiaRussia Russia Syrjanka 3m 14s 11:30
World map of the solar eclipse of June 10, 2021

Visibility in German-speaking countries

Partial solar eclipse on June 10, 2021 in Berlin-Lankwitz with a maximum degree of coverage of 13.3 percent and a corresponding degree of eclipse of 23.9 percent.

More than six years after the solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 , another solar eclipse was observed in German-speaking countries. However, the coverage was only small. The largest eclipse was achieved in the north in List on Sylt with a maximum of 21.3% coverage, the lowest in the southeast in Bad Radkersburg in the Austrian state of Styria with a maximum of 2.5% coverage.

The next solar eclipse visible in German-speaking countries is the solar eclipse of October 25, 2022 .

Country place cover Start ( CEST ) Middle (CEST) End (CEST)
SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland Bern 06.6% 11:26:52 12:17:44 13:11:21
SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland Basel 07.5% 11:26:30 12:19:12 13:14:45
AustriaAustria Austria Salzburg 05.1% 11:42:45 12:31:30 13:21:56
AustriaAustria Austria Vienna 04.5% 11:52:33 12:39:55 13:28:20
GermanyGermany Germany Munich 06.3% 11:37:24 12:28:41 13:22:02
GermanyGermany Germany Frankfurt am Main 11.3% 11:27:00 12:25:54 13:27:44
GermanyGermany Germany Berlin 13.4% 11:36:24 12:38:47 13:43:07
GermanyGermany Germany Hamburg 17.3% 11:28:28 12:33:43 13:41:40

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  1. a b c d e The duration, the size of the cover and the contact times were taken from the interactive map of the NASA Annular Solar Eclipse of 2021 Jun 10, Google Maps and Solar Eclipse Paths . Two hours have been added to the times in Universal Time , which means that apart from a fraction of a second, it corresponds to CEST . Retrieved June 15, 2015