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The Sportküstenschifferschein (SKS) is one of the official sports boat slips in Germany. The training and examination is geared towards driving yachts with engines and under sail in coastal waters (all seas up to 12 nautical miles from the mainland coast).

Since a change in the See-Sportbootverordnung (SeeSpbootV), the SKS is also sufficient for commercial travel on pleasure boats in coastal waters. The exact manning regulations for commercial use can be found in Appendix 4 of the SeeSpbootV. Depending on the duration of the trip, it may be necessary for the crew to include another member who is at least in possession of a recreational boat license for the lake.

When chartering a seaworthy yacht, the local regulations must be observed. Often the sports boat license for the lake is sufficient or no license is required. Some charter companies require proof of the ability to operate and sail a seaworthy yacht. Such proof can be provided by a personal logbook, sport boat license inland under sail, basic yacht courses or the sport coastal boat license.

Requirements and acquisition

  • General
  • exams
    • Theory: one half consists of a questionnaire on the subjects of navigation, seamanship, shipping law and meteorology (90 minutes exam duration) and the other half of a complex map task (90 minutes exam duration). Possibly. an additional oral review is required.
    • Practice: maneuvers (mandatory: buoy overboard under engine and under sail), knot knowledge, knowledge of the ship, etc. a.

The examination material of the SKS is significantly more extensive than that of the sport boat driving license See. The theoretical examination is divided into two parts, a theoretical question part and a map part, in which one has to demonstrate extensive navigational knowledge based on a nautical chart task. Questions about current and tides are also asked here. In the question part, the questions including sample answers are known in advance and can be accessed via ELWIS or available in stores. The map section is also known and can be accessed via ELWIS. If a certain number of points is not achieved, there can also be an oral re-examination. In addition, more extensive knowledge of the management of a seaworthy yacht is tested in a practical examination than in the case of a sports boat license for sea. There may be a maximum of 24 months between the theoretical and the practical exam.

Alternatively, a variant of the SKS can only be opened under the motor. In this case, the exam will be taken on a motorboat and not on a sailing yacht, and the exam questions will still not include the part of the exam related to sailing. The variant "with engine and under sail" is the more common one.

The SKS license is often compared to the British Yachtmaster Coastal Certificate of Proficiency . However, the nautical requirements, experience and practical test requirements of the Yachtmaster Coastal are considerably higher than those of the SKS.

Every year around 5000 SKS certificates are issued across Germany on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport . This take z. B. DSV and DMYV.

International certificate

The ICC in the SKS

The SKS includes the International Certificate of Competence in accordance with Resolution No. 40 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations. With the help of this certificate, drivers of pleasure boats can prove their qualifications abroad.


Unlike the Sportseeschifferschein and Sporthochseeschifferschein , the Sportküstenschifferschein has no official predecessor. However, the DSV- BR license can be seen as a predecessor . It could and can still be rewritten in the SKS.


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