Explosive units of the Timișoara tram

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The Timișoara tram's explosive unit was a work vehicle built in 1925 for the aforementioned tram company . The water blasting vehicle - Romanian vagon stropitor, vagon electrostropitor or vagon cisterna - was not owned by the Tramvaiele Comunale Timișoara (TCT) transport company , but belonged - as is often the case with vehicles of this type - to the city of Timișoara (Timişoara) itself. It was used thus from the municipal water supply and disposal company Întreprinderea de Apă și Canal a Orașului Timișoara (ACOT). For this reason, the gray-painted railcar never had a tram number and was also not housed in the tram depot. Alternatively, he had his own shed on the neighboring ACOT site . Such special vehicles used to be common in many cities. For reasons of urban health care , they should help to contain the heavy dust development on the summer roads - especially the unpaved roads. In Romania they could also be found on the Bucharest tram and the Brăila tram .

The four-axle bidirectional vehicle was manufactured by Astra Arad in 1925 and was the first ever bogie wagon for the Timișoara tram. Its water tank had a volume of 12,000 liters. Originally delivered with open platforms, the explosive unit was later given semi-closed driver's cabs . In addition, at some point between 1956 and 1960, as part of the tram company's modernization program at the time, it was fitted with a more modern pantograph instead of the original lyre pantograph .

The explosive unit was in operation until the end of the 1960s and was then parked permanently. In the summer of 1990 there were plans to reactivate it, this would only have required a few minor repairs. Ultimately, the vehicle remained until at least 1992 and was then scrapped.


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