Sidecar 01 to 03 (Timișoara tram)

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Sidecar 01 to 03
Numbering: 01-03
Number: 3
Manufacturer: Temesvári Villamos Városi Vasút
Year of construction (s): 1914-1916
Retirement: 1925
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )

The sidecar 01-03 the tram Timişoara were a small series of Hungarian tram - sidecar . The three cars were during the First World War in today Romania belonging city Timisoara , from 1922 they were called type I referred.


Due to the increasing number of passengers due to the war, the then Temesvári Villamos Városi Vasút (TVVV) built a trailer ( Hungarian : Pótkocsi ) of the type discussed here in their own workshops in 1914, 1915 and 1916 . They were added to the inventory with the company numbers 01, 02 and 03, the preceding 0 served to differentiate them from the Weitzer railcars with the numbers 1 to 17 . The cars 01 to 03 were the second type of sidecar in Timișoara after the Spiering horse-drawn tram cars from 1869 and supplemented the first-mentioned series. In 1919 they were then for a short time the only sidecars in stock - it was not until the first demotorized Weitzer type A multiple units , which also went into operation in 1919, that a second type of trailer was finally available again.

The cars 01, 02 and 03 were mainly used with the 26 type B cars, but it is not known whether they were also pulled by Weitzer railcars. From 1921 and 1922 respectively, the new D and DII railcars were also available as towing vehicles.

The sidecars 01 to 03 were the first self-made cars of the Timișoara tram, they established a long tradition that only ended in 1990 with the last Timiș 2 train built. As early as 1925, all three sidecars in this small series were taken out of service and later scrapped; they were replaced by the 14 type C sidecars built between 1922 and 1926 .


Country city Delivery years Number of pieces numbering
Austria-HungaryAustria-Hungary Austria-Hungary Timișoara 1912-1914 3 01-03
Total: 3


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