Type Fa (tram Timișoara)

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Type company
Number: 2
Manufacturer: Tramvaiele Comunale Timișoara
Year of construction (s): 1931 (conversion)
1929 (year of manufacture of the donor wagons)
Gauge : 1435 mm
Length over coupling: 7500 mm
Length: 6700 mm
Width: 2170 mm
Fixed wheelbase: 2300 mm
Seats: 18th
Standing room: 21st

The type Fa was a splitter series of the Timișoara tram in Romania comprising only two railcars .


The two standard gauge vehicles created in 1931 by the subsequent engine of two - in 1929 resulting in a home - built sidecar of the type CII . These were cars 82 and 83, which kept their numbers after the conversion. They received their new type designation based on the type F railcars built between 1925 and 1927 , to which they were very similar in terms of their dimensions and external shape.

With the motorization of carriages 82 and 83, the tram company Tramvaiele Comunale Timișoara (TCT) broke new ground, because from the beginning they operated as permanently coupled twin railcars based on the Budapest model , where such teams could already be found from 1924. January 19, 1931 was handed down as the commissioning of the double unit, with a second twin train being formed from the two FII motor coaches 107 and 108 in the same month . The origin of the electrical equipment on train 82–83 is not known. The energy was supplied via a pantograph on wagon 82, while wagon 83 was also supplied by a power cable.

In the course of the major renumbering campaign in spring 1964, the Fa team - following the six F-wagons 101-106 - was assigned the new numbers 107 (previously 82) and 108 (previously 83), while the previous FII train 107– 108 was given the new designation 128–129. In addition, from now on both the Type F and the Type Fa were listed as the new Type T.2. In the course of the modernization wave in the 1960s, the train 107-108 car aprons, new one-piece front windows, illuminated train destination displays, pneumatic folding doors , rounded window panes with aluminum surrounds and individual seats instead of the original longitudinal bench seats.

For use on the line 4 in the Mehala tram company also extended the train 82-83 in 1966 to a non-driving intermediate cars of the type C , the number was 10 degrees. As early as the spring of 1969, however, this was replaced by the 143 pioneer car demotorized for the occasion . In this form the train was until 1980 in use when the line 7 again to a ring line and finally to mover carriage was changed. Neither of the two Fa-type cars was preserved.


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