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Thuringian State Archives Meiningen
Meiningen, Elisabethenburg Palace, Exterior-20160702-011.jpg
Elisabethenburg Palace - Bibrabau

founding 1660 and 1923
Duration 13,000 running meters
Library type State Archives
place Meiningen
Website State Archives Meiningen

The Meiningen State Archive is one of six state archives in the Free State of Thuringia that belong to the Thuringia State Archives . It is housed in the Bibrabau of Elisabethenburg Palace in the district town of Meiningen . The archive holdings reflect the history of the Franconian Henneberger Land , the Duchy of Saxony-Meiningen and today's southern Thuringia from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. The archive manager is Clemens Heitmann .


The Meiningen State Archive was founded in 1923 as the successor to the Secret Archive of the Duchy of Saxony-Meiningen and the state authorities of the Free State of Saxony-Meiningen, which was absorbed into the State of Thuringia in 1920 (1918 as the successor state to the Duchy). In 1925 the Joint Henneberg Archive (GHA), formed in Meiningen in 1660, was incorporated into the State Archives .

Up until this point in time, the Joint Henneberg Archives comprised the indivisible archives of the County of Henneberg that had accumulated since the Count of Henneberg died out (1583) and were housed in Meiningen Castle , the main building of which, Bibrabau, now forms the north wing of Elisabethenburg Castle. It was jointly owned by the owners of the former Henneberg county.

The ducal secret archive was created when the Duchy of Saxony-Meiningen was founded as a “secret chancellery archive” and from 1850 also brought together old files from the upper state authorities and private archives of the ducal family.

The Henneberg files available in various Thuringian and Prussian archives were combined in the Joint Henneberg Archive until 1929, which in 1945 was completely transferred to Thuringia as the previous joint property of Thuringia and Prussia . After 1945, the archive received large increases due to the holdings of district authorities in southern Thuringia, local courts and estate and palace archives expropriated by the land reform. In 1951 the name was changed to “Landesarchiv Meiningen”, which was followed by another name change in 1965 to “Staatsarchiv Meiningen”. In the 1970s and 1980s, numerous files from business and politics were increasingly taken over, which exhausted the archive's capacity .

After the turnaround and the re-establishment of the Free State of Thuringia, the archive was renamed "Thuringian State Archive Meiningen". Due to the dissolution of the former GDR authorities and numerous companies, there was an increase of 4,000 shelf meters between 1990 and 1994 alone. In 1990, because of the flood of recorded documents, a branch office in the former Suhl remand prison of the MfS started its work. Today mainly economic stocks are housed there. In 2016, with the founding of the Thuringia State Archives (LATh), the state archives were reorganized, organizing all six state archives while fully retaining their functions. The Meiningen State Archives form Department 4 here.



The holdings of the Meiningen State Archives run from 933 to the present day. Today the archive stores 13,000 meters of shelves with over 10,000 documents, around 33,000 maps / plans / cracks, over 61,000 photographic reproductions and 37,000 volumes from the service library. The following stock groups exist:

  • Holdings before 1920
    • Documents and copies of Henneberg and Saxony
    • Joint Henneberg Archives
    • Holy Empire of the Roman Nation
    • Older stocks from Saxony-Meiningen
    • Newer Saxony-Meiningische holdings
  • Holdings of the German Empire (1871–1945)
    • Subordinate authorities and institutions of the German Reich
  • State of Thuringia (1920–1952)
    • Subordinate authorities and institutions of the country
    • District administrations
  • Holdings of the Kingdom and Land of Prussia (1816–1945)
    • Prussian authorities
  • Holdings of the Soviet Occupation Zone (SBZ) and the GDR (1945–1990)
    • Subordinate authorities and institutions of the Soviet occupation zone and GDR
  • Holdings of the Federal Republic of Germany (from 1990)
    • Subordinate authorities and institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Holdings of the Free State of Thuringia (from 1990)
    • Subordinate authorities and institutions of the Free State of Thuringia
  • Non-governmental archival material
    • Lords and manors
    • Economy and banking
    • Parties and organizations
    • Maps and plans
    • Personal papers and family archives
  • Newspapers and gazettes
  • Library
    • Literature on the territory of Saxony-Meiningen, historical regional studies of South Thuringia, Hennebergica

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