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Svyatlana Zichanouskaja (2020)

Swjatlana Zichanouskaja born. Piliptschuk ( Belarusian Святлана Ціханоўская , Russian Светлана Тихановская / Svetlana Tichanowskaja in Lacinka Sviatlana Cichanoŭskaja ; in the international press often Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya * 11. September 1982 in Mikaschewitschy , BSSR , Soviet Union ) is a Belarusian nonpartisan civil rights activist . She was a candidate for the 2020 presidential election in Belarus .


Zichanouskaja graduated from secondary school in Mikashevichy and from 2000 studied pedagogy at the State Pedagogical University in Mazyr with a focus on German and English. She then worked as a translator, including for the Ireland- based organization “ Chernobyl Life Line”. After all, she worked as a housewife.

Zichanouskaja is married to the prominent video blogger Sjarhej Zichanouski . She has a ten year old son and a five year old daughter (as of August 4, 2020).

Presidential candidate

Zichanouskaja's husband, Zichanouski, had announced that he wanted to run for the upcoming presidential election. On May 15, 2020, however, he was denied this by the Central Election Commission. As a result, his wife decided to run for the election while Zichanouski took over the leadership of the campaign team. On May 29, Zichanouski was arrested by the Belarusian authorities on charges of preparing a serious breach of public order. Amnesty International believes the allegations have been made and demands his release.

Zichanouskaja is supported by Weranika Zapkala , wife and campaign staff member of the also not an option approved Waleryj Zapkala , and Maryja Kalesnikawa , the coordinator of the campaign team of presidential candidate also detained Viktar Babaryka .

Zichanouskaja's programmatic demands are the release of political prisoners and the holding of new elections under free and fair conditions.

Zichanouskaya received threats during the election campaign that they would be arrested and that their children would be sent to an orphanage. She then had her children taken out of the country, to an unnamed EU country.

In the week before the election, but especially on the day before the election, Zichanouskaya's campaign manager was temporarily arrested. A total of seven of their employees were arrested before the election.

Political activity after the election

Two days after the election, it became known that Zichanouskaya had left for neighboring Lithuania . The circumstances of her departure were unclear, while she said she had not been influenced in her decision, said an election worker, the authorities had forced Zichanouskaya to leave the country.

She said she wanted to continue to take the lead in the country and organize a transition in the country. She also called for peaceful protests in the country against Lukashenka . At their suggestion, a coordination council for a peaceful transfer of power was formed.

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