Szent István University

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Szent István University
founding 2000/1787
Sponsorship state
place Gödöllő
country Hungary
Rector János Tőzsér
Main building of the Szent István University in Gödöllő

The Szent István State University ( Hungarian : Szent István Egyetem , SZIE or SZIU ) is an agricultural and veterinary university in Hungary with its headquarters and main campus in the central Hungarian city ​​of Gödöllő ; other campuses are located in Békéscsaba , Budapest , Gyula , Jászberény and Szarvas .

The university was founded on January 1st, 2000, and emerged from a merger of several universities - the oldest of these was the former Veterinary University of Budapest, founded in 1787. The SZIU is named after the Hungarian King Stephen I (the saint).


  • Faculty of Applied Arts and Education in Szarvas and Jászberény
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences in Gödöllő
  • Faculty of Economics, Agricultural and Health Sciences in Békéscsaba, Szarvas and Gyula
  • Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences in Gödöllő
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Gödöllő
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest
  • Miklós Ybl Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Budapest

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