Andrássy University Budapest

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Andrássy Gyula German-speaking University of Budapest
founding 2001
Sponsorship Private
place Budapest
Rector Dietmar Meyer
Students approx. 200
The university building from a bird's eye view

The Andrássy Gyula German-speaking University Budapest (short: Andrássy University Budapest - AUB) is a private university based in Budapest , the capital of Hungary. The AUB is the only fully German-speaking university outside the German-speaking area and has been accredited according to German rules and criteria. As a European university, the AUB is funded by five partner countries (Federal Republic of Germany, Free State of Bavaria, State of Baden-Württemberg, Republic of Austria and Hungary). The study and teaching conditions are regularly checked by quality assurance systems that have been certified by the Baden-Württemberg evaluation agency evalag. In addition, the AUB was accepted into the excellence program of Hungarian universities and is thus a University of National Excellence .


The Andrássy University Budapest was founded in 2001 by Hungary , Austria , Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg . Viktor Orbán , Edmund Stoiber , Erwin Teufel and Wolfgang Schüssel signed the so-called “Ulm Declaration” on February 22, 2001 .

On September 2, 2002, the first year of study began. The university was officially inaugurated on November 29, 2002 by Johannes Rau and Ferenc Mádl , among others .

György Hazai was appointed "founding rector" by the public foundation for the German-speaking University, the sponsoring body of the university. The first elected rector was Miklós Kengyel (2003–2007). András Masát was rector of the university between 2008 and the beginning of 2017 . Dietmar Meyer has been head of AUB since March 17, 2017.

On September 5, 2013, the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources (Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma - EMMI) announced that the university met the criteria of a "University of Excellence " (kiemelt felsőoktatási intézmény) and therefore within the framework of the "Promotion of Excellence" in the period from 2013-16 (kiválósági támogatás) of the Ministry. Since then, the AUB has been able to call itself the “University of National Excellence”.

The accreditation commission of the evaluation agency evalag ( Evaluation Agency Baden-Württemberg) certified the university on September 20, 2013 that its quality management system is suitable to ensure the high quality of the courses at all times and to further develop the courses offered in a targeted manner. This makes Andrássy University Budapest the first foreign university to receive a positive assessment based on German rules and criteria.

The university's namesake, Count Gyula Andrássy (1823–1890), was a Hungarian magnate, rebel against the Habsburgs and a leading politician in the Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy.

Main building of the Andrássy University Budapest



The AUB has been using the renovated Palais Festetics (Festetics Palota) as a university building since mid-August 2003 . Since the renovation, modern lecture halls and an auditorium Maximum can be found in addition to the historic rooms and classic ballrooms. The representative building is under monument protection and is inalienable property of the Hungarian state.


At Andrássy University, students can complete the following master's and postgraduate courses:

  • Danube region studies (postgraduate)
  • Master in European and International Administration
  • Master in International Economy and Business
  • Master in International Relations (also in the double master’s programs together with the University of Leipzig and the University of Passau )
  • LL.M. -Program (Master of Laws) in Comparative Politics and Law
  • Master in Central European Studies - Diplomacy (Cultural Diplomacy)
  • Master in Central European History
  • Master in Management and Leadership

The Ph.D. -Program offers an interdisciplinary study in four subjects under the topic "The future of Central Europe in the European Union":


The AUB is characterized by a pronounced internationality. The students come from a wide variety of countries, with a focus on Central (Eastern) European and German-speaking countries. There are a total of 37 countries of origin, with Hungary, Germany, Austria, Romania and Slovakia leading the statistics. The AUB also works with various partner universities from abroad.


University management

Dietmar Meyer is the rector of the university; Ellen Bos is the Vice Rector for Research and Young Scientists; Vice-Rector for Teaching and Students Georg Trautnitz. The university's chancellor is Ákos Domahidi

Members of the University Council

The University Council of the AUB consists of people who are or have been active in responsible positions in science, culture, economics or politics. The University Council currently consists of 11 people with voting rights:

  • Godehard Ruppert , President, Otto Friedrich University Bamberg
  • Gergely Prőhle , supporting foundation of the Andrássy University Budapest
  • Christa Neuper , Rector, Karl-Franzens-University Graz
  • Claus-Peter Clostermeyer, Ministerialdirigent ret. D. Baden-Württemberg
  • Gabriele Stauner , Ministerial Director, Head of the State Minister for Federal and European Affairs in the Bavarian State Chancellery
  • Katja Dorrmann, cultural advisor at the German Embassy in Budapest
  • Dieter-Anton Binder, Andrássy University Budapest
  • Christian Schubel, Andrássy University Budapest
  • Christoph Ramoser, Head of Department, Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Austria
  • Stephan Kirste , University of Salzburg
  • Ádám Török, General Secretary, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Ulrich Schlie


The following are the current chair heads:

The Chair for International and European Politics and Public Administration is currently vacant.


The university is funded by the partner countries Hungary , Germany , Austria and the German federal states Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg . These funds are supplemented by other sponsors . The university is also supported by the autonomous region of Trentino-South Tyrol and Switzerland . The special status of Andrássy University was lifted in 2010, as a result of which the university was included in the higher education system of Hungary.

Students have the opportunity to cover their tuition fees through various grants.

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