University of Pécs

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University of Pécs
founding 1367 (1921)
Sponsorship state
place Pécs
country HungaryHungary Hungary
Rector József Bódis
Students 30,620 (2008)
Employee 1,827 (2008)
Networks AARC , CGU IAU
Entrance of the main building of the humanities faculty

The University of Pécs (Hungarian; Pécsi Tudományegyetem , Latin: Universitas Quinqueecclesiensis ) is a state university in the Hungarian city of Pécs (Fünfkirchen).


The first university in Pécs was founded in 1367 as one of the oldest in Central Europe by King Ludwig I the Great ; it went under during the Turkish rule. In 1921 the former Hungarian Elisabeth University in Bratislava (German: Pressburg, Hungarian Pozsony) , which was dissolved in the new Czech-Slovak state (in operation from 1914–1918) was relocated to Pécs by the new Hungarian government (in operation since 1923); from 1982 this was named Janus Pannonius University (Janus Pannonius Tudományegyetem, JPTE).

Today's University of Pécs was created in 2000 by merging the JPTE with the Pécsi Orvostudományi Egyetem (POTE) , today's Medical Faculty, and the Illyés Gyula Pedagógiai Főiskola (Gyula-Illyés Pedagogical University) based in Szekszárd . The university is now divided into ten faculties with around 30,000 students, making it the largest institution in Hungary's higher education system. The current rector of the university is József Bódis.


  • Faculty of Adult Education and Personnel Development (FEEK)
  • Faculty of Health Care (ETK)
  • Illyés Gyula Faculty of Education (IGYFK)
  • Art Faculty (MK)
  • Medical Faculty (ÁOK)
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK)
  • Philosophical Faculty (BTK)
  • Pollack Mihály Technical Faculty (PMMK)
  • Faculty of Law (ÁJK)
  • Faculty of Business and Economics (KTK)

Medical school

Medical school
Medical School, back side

The courses in human medicine and dentistry are not only offered in Hungarian: there has been an English-language course since 1984, the first of its kind in Central Europe. The course in German has existed since 2004. The courses are offered as full courses, human medicine 12 semesters and dentistry 10 semesters. Most of the pre-clinical section of the program takes place in the main building of the faculty. The Janos Pannonius Clinic (formerly 400 ágyas Clinic / 400-bed clinic) is also located on the campus, in which parts of the clinical study phase are held. The dental subjects are taught in the main building of the dental clinic, which is separate from the campus in the city center. Many German students complete their equivalent of the Physikum here in order to continue their studies in Germany after the second year. From 2012 to 2017 it was in the meantime possible to complete part of the clinical study section at the Evangelical Hospital Bielefeld (EvKB) as part of a combined study over 2 years including the practical year (PJ). The end of this cooperation was decided in mid-2016.

The tuition fees for new students in 2018 are EUR 7,300 / semester for the first section of the German-language course, and if the curriculum is completed in the standard period of study, EUR 5,840 / semester in the second section. Furthermore, depending on the grade point average, reductions in semester fees are possible. Around 200 students begin their training here per year and language. In the English-language course, the majority of students come from Scandinavia, Germany and Spain, but from over 25 nations in total. The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine is Miklós Nytrai.

University Clinic Pécs

Main building of the Pécs University Hospital

The University Clinic Pécs has a capacity of 1,350 beds and consists of an amalgamation of several hospitals, some of which are spread across the city.



  • Géza Herczegh (1928–2010), 1967 to 1990 professor of international law
  • Karl Kerényi (1897–1973), 1936–1941 professorship for Classical Philology and Ancient History


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