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Thomas Chorherr (born November 27, 1932 in Vienna ; † June 17, 2018 ) was an Austrian journalist and author.


Thomas Chorherr was born in 1932 as the son of the businessman Otto Chorherr. During the time of National Socialism , he had a childhood disguised as a “Jewish parent” and “second degree hybrid”. In addition to school, he was a member of the German Young People and the radio game crowd.

Chorherr studied law and worked in the first post-war years as a local journalist for the three-party newspaper Neues Österreich . He spent an academic year in the USA and worked for several years as an editor for the press department of the US Mission for Economic Cooperation . He later worked as a foreign policy journalist for the weekly newspaper Weltpresse .

From 1955 Chorherr worked for Die Presse and in 1970 rose to head of its domestic affairs department. He later became first deputy editor-in-chief and finally editor-in-chief in 1976. In 1995 he changed to the position of editor (until 2000). He continued to serve as a columnist for this newspaper (guest column Merk's Vienna, always in the Monday edition).

Thomas Chorherr was Vice President of the renowned Austrian press club Concordia .

Chorherr also worked for several years as a lecturer at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies at the University of Vienna.

The former Green politician Christoph Chorherr is his son.



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