Tomb Raider II - Starring Lara Croft

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Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider II Logo.png
Studio Core design
Publisher Eidos Interactive
platform Windows , Mac OS , PlayStation
genre Action adventure
Game mode Single player
control Keyboard (PC version)
Gamepad (PlayStation)
system advantages
Pentium 100 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 4-way CD-ROM drive, Windows95
medium CD-ROM
language German
Age rating
USK approved from 16
PEGI recommended for ages 12 and up
information The Director's Cut version of Tomb Raider II contains five additional levels.

Tomb Raider II [ Tum ɹeɪdə ] is an action-adventure - computer game series Tomb Raider . It is the second published part in this series. The game was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive . Tomb Raider II was launched in 1997 for Windows , Mac OS and the PlayStation . In this part of the series, archaeologist Lara Croft is looking for the dagger of Xian . The game sold about 8 million times worldwide for the PlayStation.

Story of the game

In ancient China there was a ruler who made use of the dragon's power with the help of the dagger of Xian and thus decided many battles in his favor. He had rammed the dagger into his chest and had become a powerful dragon himself. During a battle near the Great Wall , however, this dagger was torn from his body by a soldier, whereupon the ruler died. The dagger was then hidden in a temple in Xian .

After many thousands of years, the archaeologist Lara Croft wants to acquire the dagger of Xian, where she meets Marco Bartoli , who has the same goal. Marco Bartoli is the head of a mafia organization.


Tomb Raider II has an expanded arsenal of weapons. The Unlimited Ammo Pistols , Shotgun, and Uzis are back in the game. The magnums were exchanged for automatic pistols . The M16 , the harpoon , which is used particularly underwater, and the grenade launcher , the most powerful weapon, have been added. There are also nameless human opponents; In Tomb Raider 1, all human opponents had a certain identity in the game, while in the second part almost only henchmen had to be fought. Different vehicles can be used in Tomb Raider II . In certain levels you can drive motor boats and snowmobiles . Both vehicles also have a turbo drive. Opponents can be run over with the snowmobile. There are snowmobiles with turbo drive and snowmobiles with machine guns , but without turbo drive.

The appearance of the game character has been changed. Lara Croft has a long braid and a bust that is no longer pulled too forward. Lara changes her clothes in different places. In the underwater levels she wears a wetsuit , in the mountain levels she wears a bomber jacket , and in the last level she wears a blue nightgown .

Lara Croft received a new skill in relation to its predecessor. The character can now play a role while jumping.

As in the previous game, puzzles have to be solved and objects collected, which are then used in the further course of the game. Most levels contain hidden rooms where rewards can be found in the form of weapons, ammunition or artifacts (small stone, jade and gold dragons). If all dragons are found in a level, you will receive a large number of ammunition, medipacks (healing packages) and (not yet accepted) weapons.

While in part 1 the atmosphere remained the same from level to level, in Tomb Raider II more variety came into play. There are often changing scenes: exotic lands, monasteries, sunken wrecks and underworlds littered with traps.


In Tomb Raider II , Lara visits different locations. From the Great Wall in China she comes to Venice in Italy . From there she is dragged to an oil rig , then comes to the wreck of the Maria Doria and then finally escapes to Tibet in the Himalayan mountains. From there she goes back to Xian , China. Ultimately, she reaches her home in England . The game has a total of 18 levels.

The training level has been expanded so that the outside area of ​​the Crofts' property can be explored. A training course was built in for this purpose.

Tomb Raider II: The Golden Mask (Director's Cut)

In this Director's Cut , Lara goes in search of a golden mask, which is said to be in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska . The plot of this Director's Cut has nothing to do with the game Tomb Raider II , so the base game and the supplement are independent of each other.

Story of the game

While researching, Lara comes across a newspaper article that deals with a gold discovery in the Bering Sea by locals and a conflict over the ensuing property claims. The accompanying black and white picture , in which an Eskimo is holding an antique golden mask, also arouses her interest. Lara suspects that this is the infamous "Golden Mask of Tornarsuk" - a mask that supposedly can make a resurrection possible. The article also contains references to a hidden military mining facility in the same area. So Lara sets out to look for the golden mask.


Tomb Raider II: The Golden Mask consists of four levels and a bonus level, which is only playable if you have won all the secrets of the four basic levels.

  • The Cold War - this starting level takes place around a secret military mine and is comparatively easy to play. You can also go on a snowmobile .
  • The fool's gold - this level is a bit more challenging than the first. Lara reaches the inside of the mine and has to fight several mercenaries , some of whom are equipped with a flamethrower .
  • Blast furnace of the gods - it represents a lost civilization, in whose landscape a yellow, life-threatening liquid can often be found; There is an opinion in the Tomb Raider community that it could be liquid gold. Here Lara suspects that she is stealing the Golden Mask, which in the end also happens.
  • Kingdom - a large jungle that is home to the Bigfoot . In the end Lara has to fight the guardian of the kingdom . If this is defeated, the official game ends.
  • Nightmare in Vegas - a bonus level portrayed as Lara's nightmare. A Tyrannosaurus Rex , Lara's butler Winston and, again, the guardian of the kingdom play a role here.


  • In all levels (except the bonus level) Lara wears the bomber jacket that she wore in the main game in the highland levels .
  • The Guardian of the Kingdom in the Director's Cut is similar to the Guardian of Talion from the Ice Palace , only the ice- colored feathers have been replaced by gold ones.
  • The Level Kingdom is, without a patch Knigreich .
  • The Level blast furnace of the gods is, without the aforementioned patch Furnace gods .

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