TuS Eving-Lindenhorst

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TuS Eving-Lindenhorst
TuS Eving-Lindenhorst.jpg
Basic data
Surname TuS Eving-Lindenhorst
1945 eV
Seat Dortmund - Eving ,
North Rhine-Westphalia
founding 1945
First soccer team
Head coach Rene Bleschke ( Interim )
Venue Eckey Stadium
Places 3000
league District League B3 Dortmund
2019/20 15th place

The TuS Eving-Lindenhorst is a sports club from Dortmund - Eving . It was founded on September 1, 1945 as SuS Eving-Lindenhorst . By founding a gymnastics department , it was renamed in 1951. The club also offers handball , boxing and table tennis .


In 1945 SC Phönix Lindenhorst and Westfalia Eving merged to form SuS Eving-Lindenhorst . TuS Eving-Lindenhorst, closely associated with mines Minister Stein and Hardenberg , was promoted to the Westphalia regional league with coach Dettmar Cramer in the 1951/52 season . The green-whites made the next ascent from the corner stadium in 1961/62. From the 1962/63 season onwards, they competed in the Westfalia League, Group 2, against competitors Lüner SV , BV Brambauer , SC Dahlhausen , SSV Hagen , Hombrucher FV 09 , TuS Iserlohn , Hasper SV , TB Eickel , VfL Schwerte , Arminia Ickern and SG Wattenscheid 09 their games. Dieter Zorc completed his first two international matches in the German amateur national team in June 1966 as a TuS player. After the 1968/69 they played again in the national league, but from which the return to the association league succeeded in the 1971/72 season. The interplay between the regional and association leagues continues to this day, with a regional league presence in the meantime. TuS Eving was indoor city champion in the 2009/10 season and was promoted to the Westphalia League. Three years later, he was relegated to the state league. During the 2013/14 season, the club withdrew from the regional league for sporting reasons. A year later, the team was passed through to the district league A as third from bottom. With the third relegation in a row, the Evinger reached the district league B.


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