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Vincent Lübeck

Vincent Lübeck (September 1654 in Padingbüttel ; † February 9, 1740 in Hamburg ) was a German composer of the Baroque era . Lübeck's work is stylistically related to the work of Dieterich Buxtehude and belongs to the North German Organ School . Lübeck composed cantatas and works for organ and harpsichord .


Lübeck's father, who also bore the name Vincent, was an organist in northern Germany. He gave his son an apprenticeship in Flensburg , where Lübeck learned to play the organ with Caspar Förckelrath and Andreas Kneller, among others .

In 1674 he became the organist of the St. Cosmae Church in Stade , where a grammar school is named after him today, and married Susanne Becker. Since 1673, St. Cosmae owned an organ made by the famous organ builder Arp Schnitger , with whom Lübeck had a lifelong friendship. In Stade Lübeck gained a good reputation as an organist, composer and teacher, which is why he was appointed to the Nikolaikirche in Hamburg in 1702 . There he had Schnitger's largest organ at his disposal, one of the most important and beautiful organs in the world, but which fell victim to the great fire in Hamburg in May 1842 .

His sons Peter Paul Lübeck (1680–1732) and Vincent Lübeck Junior (1684–1755), whom he also taught the organ, were also composers, but did not achieve the fame of their father. Christian Heinrich Postel and Michael Johann Friedrich Wiedeburg are among his most important students . During a visit to Hamburg, Johann Sebastian Bach heard both Lübeck and Johann Adam Reincken's organ playing. The influence of both on Bach's early organ works is well documented.

Lübeck, supported by his sons, remained organist in St. Nikolai until his death.

The asteroid (5108) Lübeck , discovered on August 21, 1987, has borne his name since May 1992.

Works (selection)

Vocal music

  • Welcome, sweet groom ( cantata . 2 voices, 2 violins, B. c. )
  • God as your name (cantata. 3 voices, 3 instruments, B. c.)
  • It is a great gain who is godly (cantata. 4 voices, 2 violins, 2 viole da gamba , 2 oboes, bassoon, bc .; 10-14 November 1693)
  • I'm not having a good day here (cantata. 4 voices, 2 violins, 2 viole da gamba, 2 oboes, bassoon, bc .; 10-14 November 1693)
  • I call to you, Lord Jesus Christ
  • Help your people (cantata. 4 voices, 2 violins, 2 viole da gamba, B. c.)
  • 14 further cantatas and a passion, title and / or text known (all lost)

Keyboard works

  • Præamb. et Fuga ex Cb V Lübeck, LübWV 6 (organ)
  • Praamb: ex E #, LübWV 7 (organ)
  • Præamblum (et Fuga) ex F, LübWV 8 (organ)
  • Præamblum ex G di Vi Lübeck, LübWV 9 (organ)
  • Præludium ex C # DVL, LübWV 10 (organ)
  • Præl: dj Vincent Lübeck (ex Db), LübWV 11 (organ)
  • Præludium ex Gb VL, LübWV 12 (organ)
  • I call to you, Lord Jesus Christ à 2 clav: è ped :, LübWV 13 (organ)
  • ?, LübWV 14
  • Now load us Lord God , LübWV 15 (organ)
Title page of the piano exercise
  • Clavier exercise consisting of Praeludio, Fuga, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande and Gigue as well as an encore of the song Praise God you Christians all at once in a Chaconne (Hamburg, 1728)
  • Præludium et Fuga ex A, LübWV 16/1 & 2 (piano)
  • Suite ex Gb, LübWV 17 (piano)
  • Chaconne. Praise God you Christians all at once ex F, LübWV 18 (organ or piano)
  • Præludium ex D and Ciaconne ex Db VL le Perre, LübWV 19/1 & 2 (organ or clavier)
  • Chacon ex A cis, LübWV 20 (clavier)
  • Suite ex A, LübWV 21 (clavier)
  • March et Menuet ex F VL le Perre, LübWV 22/1 & 2 (piano)
  • Oh we poor sinners , LübWV deest


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