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Walter Wanger , actually Walter Feuchtwanger (born July 11, 1894 in San Francisco , California , † November 18, 1968 in Santa Monica , California), was an American film producer.

Wangers production company Walter Wangers Productions closed in 1938 a distribution contract initially for ten years with United Artists . In the period between 1937 and 1958, Wanger produced 18 feature films for the film company. Stagecoach (Eng. Ringo or Hell's Journey to Santa Fe ) by director John Ford is the best-known title of this collaboration.

In 1949 Wanger was to receive an honorary Oscar for Johanna von Orleans . The producer refused, however, because he had rejected Howard Hughes , the owner of the financing film studio RKO Pictures , because of the poor performance at the box office and Wanger justified this with the studio's miserable press work.

As early as 1946 he was honored with an honorary Oscar for his six-year presidency at the head of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences . An Oscar nomination for the film Cleopatra followed in 1964 .

Walter Wanger was married to the actresses Justine Johnstone (1919-1938) and Joan Bennett (1940-1965).

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