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Walther Mitzka (born February 27, 1888 in Posen , † November 8, 1976 in Bonn ) was a German linguist .


Mitzka graduated from high school in Posen in 1906 and studied from then until 1912 at the universities of Marburg , Heidelberg and Berlin. During his studies he became a member of the Association of German Students in Marburg . He received his doctorate in German, ancient and modern history in 1911 and passed his state examination in German, history and theology in 1912. From 1912 to 1927 he was a teacher; he returned from the First World War as a disabled man . In 1927 he was assigned the Venia legendi and from this point on he was a lecturer at the University of Königsberg . From 1929 he was a professor at the Technical University of Danzig and in 1933 he became a full professor of German philology at the University of Marburg and director of the German Language Atlas , the German Department and the Phonetic Cabinet.

In 1933 he joined the NSDAP . On November 11 of the same year, like most professors in Marburg, he signed the German professors' commitment to Adolf Hitler . In 1934 he became dean of the philosophy faculty. On behalf of the Reichsbund der Deutschen Officials he presented Adolf Hitler on the occasion of his birthday in 1936 with records with recordings of various German dialects made under his direction. In the same year he resigned his position as dean at the instigation of the NSDAP and became department head for vernacular in the Reichsarbeitsgemeinschaft für Deutschen Volksforschung . In 1938 he began collecting data for the German word atlas .

In 1947 Mitzka was suspended as a professor, but was again full professor from 1951 until his retirement in 1956.

Mitzka was u. a. Editor and editor of the German word atlas , the Silesian dictionary and von Trübner's German dictionary (1939–1957, 8 volumes).


  • Old high German grammar by Wilhelm Braune. 8th edition (1953) to 12th edition (1967) edited by Walther Mitzka. Hall / S. or Tübingen: Niemeyer.
  • German word atlas. By Walther Mitzka and from volume 5 Ludwig Erich Schmitt . From volume 18 edited by Reiner Hildebrandt. 22 volumes. Wilhelm Schmitz Verlag, Giessen 1956–1980.
  • Hermann Paul : Middle High German grammar. 18th edition (1959) to 19th edition (1963) edited by Walther Mitzka. Tübingen: Niemeyer.
  • Friedrich Kluge : Etymological dictionary of the German language . Arranged by Walther Mitzka. 19th edition Gruyter, Berlin 1963.
  • Silesian dictionary. 3 volumes. De Gruyter, Berlin 1963-1965.

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