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Wilhelm Busch (born March 27, 1897 in Elberfeld , today Wuppertal , † June 20, 1966 in Lübeck ) was a German Protestant pastor , youth evangelist , writer and activist with the Confessing Church .


Wilhelm Busch was born on March 27, 1897 in Elberfeld as the son of pastor Wilhelm Busch . His mother, Johanna Busch b. Kullen, came from the Kullen family from Hülben (near Urach ) , which was influenced by Swabian Pietism . His younger brothers Johannes and Friedrich were also theologians.

After graduating from high school , Wilhelm Busch served as a young officer in the First World War . There he came to believe in Jesus Christ . He studied Protestant theology in Tübingen and spent half a year as teaching vicar in Gellershagen near Bielefeld. There he met his future wife Emilie ("Emmi") Müller. Busch's sister Pauline married Emmi's brother Erich Müller, who later became a government director in Siegburg. After the vicariate , Wilhelm Busch worked as an assistant preacher in Bielefeld and from 1924 as a pastor in a miners' district in Essen in the Ruhr area . There he was youth pastor from 1929/30 to 1962 in the Weigle House established by his predecessor, Pastor Wilhelm Weigle, in 1912 . During the time of National Socialism , his faith and the struggle of the Confessing Church brought him to prison several times. After the Second World War he worked as a traveling evangelist . Through his office in the Weiglehaus, he came into contact with Gustav Heinemann , who was chairman of the local Christian Association of Young Men (YMCA) from 1936 to 1950 . Busch was a member of the Bible Covenant and shared its position on the inerrancy of the Bible. In opposition to Konrad Adenauer's rearmament policy, he supported Heinemann's newly founded All-German People's Party (GVP) and later the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).

Wilhelm Busch retired in 1962, but continued to work as an evangelist and preacher. On the way back from a week of evangelism in Saßnitz on Rügen , he died on June 20, 1966 in a Lübeck hospital. He was buried four days later with great sympathy from the population (including the later Federal President Gustav Heinemann , who dedicated the obituary “This is how we loved him”) in the Ostfriedhof Essen .

After his death, 17 Busch evangelistic lectures were published in 1967 under the title Jesus our fate , which in various editions in 2004 had a circulation of over 2 million copies and which had been translated into at least 36 languages ​​by 2009.

Wilhelm Busch was married and had two sons and four daughters.


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"Half a Christian is a complete deceiver."

- from Balaam, Volume 5 of the Wilhelm Busch Library, p. 82


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