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Zalew Bledzewski Obra power
plant in Blesen
Power plant, outlet (2009)
Power plant, outlet (2009)
Location: Poland , LebusPOL województwo lubuskie COA.svg
Tributaries: Obra
Drain: Obra ( Warta )
Larger cities on the shore: Bledzew (reading)
Major cities nearby: Międzyrzecz (Meseritz)
Zalew Bledzewski Obra power plant in Blesen (Lebus)
Zalew Bledzewski Obra power plant in Blesen
Coordinates 52 ° 30 '23 "  N , 15 ° 28' 0"  E Coordinates: 52 ° 30 '23 "  N , 15 ° 28' 0"  E
Data on the structure
Construction time: 1906-1910
Height of the structure crown: 41  m npm
Crown length: ~ 150 m
Power plant output: 1.5 MW
Data on the reservoir
Water surface 1.3 km²dep1
Reservoir length 7.5 kmdep1
Reservoir width 0.5 kmdep1
Elektrownia Bledzew.jpg
Power plant, inlet (2007)

Zalew Bledzewski ( German Blesener Talsperre ) is a reservoir in the powiat Międzyrzecki of the Lubusz Voivodeship in southern Poland . It is named after the former city of Bledzew (Blesen) . The hydroelectric power plant Elektrownia wodna Bledzew (Obrakraftwerk in Blesen) is located in the district Elektrownia (translated power plant ).


Not far from the town of Blesen there is a water mill on the Obra . The half-timbered house built after 1843 replaced the monastery's old malt mill. It now serves as a residential building.

The run-of-river power plant above the city was designed in 1905 by the Berlin engineering firm Havested & Contag . The company specialized in hydraulic engineering. Investor and builder was the overland Central Birnbaum-Meseritz-Schwerin aW eGmbH at the initiative of the circles Birnbaum ( Międzychód ), Meseritz ( Międzyrzecz ) and Schwerin a./Warthe ( Skwierzyna was established). Construction of the dam and the power plant began in 1906. AEG supplied the technical equipment . The first two turbines were put into operation at the end of 1910 . The official opening and commissioning of the entire system with three turbines took place on May 15, 1911. For the arid period there was a steam reserve near the Gut Glück lignite mine .

The plant operated continuously during World War II until February 2, 1945, when the area was occupied by Red Army soldiers. It was able to resume operations after two weeks. The third turbine was dismantled in 1969. After modernization in the 1980s, an exhibition was set up in the generator hall, which, in addition to replaced old assemblies, fittings, and control and measuring devices, also included items from the modernized small power plants Gucisz bei Gudzisz (Kutzdorf) , Kamienna an der Drawa ( Gmina Dobiegniew ), Międzylesie in Reczyce (Kutzdorfer Eisenhammer) of the energy supplier in Gorzów Wielkopolski (Landsberg an der Warthe) . On the first floor there is a control room and a medium-voltage switchgear with original German and Swiss devices.

The Bledzew power plant is one of the oldest active hydropower plants in the country. It produces around three thousand MWh of electricity annually , with an output of 1.5 megawatts . During the last modernization, two new generators replaced the previous four. Thanks to full automation , the system is monitored by one employee, previously there were six. Today it produces electricity as a peak load power plant .


Reservoir and dam wall

The dam wall with a crown length of about 150 meters dams the water of the Obra to a height of 40  m npm . The lake is over seven kilometers long and up to 500 meters wide. The water surface is 130 hectares , with an average depth of two meters. There is a larger island in the lake.

power plant

The plant is a representative example of a run-of-river power plant from the beginning of the 20th century. The technical concept and the mechanical equipment were retained. In addition to its historical and technical value, the power plant is an important factor in shaping the cultural landscape .


The lake is a paradise for anglers. There are many species of fish there, including pikeperch , pike and carp . The reservoir and Obra are navigated by kayaks . The water sports enthusiasts have to carry their equipment around the dam. The power plant and the additional exhibition can be visited by groups. A technical museum is to be set up there in the future.

In the vicinity of the power plant there is a holiday center run by the energy supplier Enea SA and accommodation for agrotourism .

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