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Localization of Skåne in Sweden
State : Sweden
Province  (län): Skåne County
Historical Province (landskap): Gentle
Municipality  : Kristianstad
Coordinates : 55 ° 56 '  N , 14 ° 18'  E Coordinates: 55 ° 56 '  N , 14 ° 18'  E
SCB code : 3184
Status: Crime scene
Residents : 9840 (December 31, 2015)
Area : 11.22 km²
Population density : 877 inhabitants / km²
List of perpetrators in Skåne County
Old town of Åhus
Houses in the old town
Harbor in Åhus
Remains of the city wall

Åhus is a city in the Swedish province of Skåne län and the historic province of Skåne .

The town in Kristianstad municipality is located on the Helge å River . In summer, the number of residents increases up to three times due to the large number of tourists.


The history of the city begins in the Viking Age , when a trading center was established upstream from the current city center. The name Åhus did not come from a house ( Danish , Swedish : hus ), but comes from the term aos , which means estuary. The main mouth of the river Helge å used to be here, but after a flood and a failed drainage operation it looked for a new bed in 1775 and now has its main mouth at Yngsjö . Through the so-called grafts , part of the river still flows in its old bed towards Åhus, where it flows into the Baltic Sea.

Åhus was an important trading center in Denmark in the Middle Ages . In the 12th century, the Aose hus castle was built in front of the town , which probably served as a refuge for the Archbishop Eskil , who came from Lund . Under the leadership of the Archdiocese of Lund , Åhus flourished in the following centuries. Among other things, a city wall was built, which is still preserved in fragments at around 250 meters. Furthermore, a Dominican monastery was built in Åhus with a national seminary and at least two churches.

Åhus actually received town charter in 1326, but the town clerks regard 1149 as the actual year of recognition, as Archbishop Eskil was awarded the town in that year. At the time of the Reformation , Åhus lost its importance and was plundered several times. Åhus, which was then still Danish, suffered great damage, especially during the campaigns of Gustav II Adolf . The castle also fell into ruin. The low point was reached when Åhus lost its town charter in 1617 after the Kalmark War in favor of Kristianstad . In 1658, in the Peace of Roskilde , the previously Danish Skåne, and with it Åhus, fell to Sweden. Only in 1929 was Åhus again given the status of a minority town (köping) .


Today Absolut Vodka is produced in Åhus . Åhus Glass , an ice cream company, was known nationwide before it closed. There are numerous medium-sized production and trading companies, e.g. B. Atelje-Lyktan (lighting fixtures) and Blå Station (designer furniture). Because of the picturesque townscape and the extensive beaches in the village itself (Äspet and Täppet) and in the immediate vicinity (Yngsjö, Nyehusen, Furuboda etc.), the city has become a tourist attraction, meanwhile an extremely important branch of the economy.


The Åhus Museum is located on the town square . To the northwest of this is the Church of St. Mary, which dates back to the 12th century . The ruins of the Aose hus castle are located near the harbor . A wall is still preserved from Åhus Monastery . A stone sarcophagus set up east of the ruins of the St. Anne's Chapel is remarkable . The half-timbered house Kungsstugan dates from the beginning of the 17th century . The Old Äspet Bridge , built in 1908, leads over Helge å . To the west of the old town are several historic buildings operated by the St. Annas Gille Heimatverein . In addition to a tobacco barn, which is reminiscent of the area's tradition as a tobacco-growing area, there is also the Malmström rope factory and the Anders Håkansgården farm, which is operated as a local museum .

The runestone of Älleköpinge is a Viking Age (800-1050 AD) rune stone , which was found in 1965 at the church of Älleköpinge near Åhus.


The Swedish Minister for Climate and Environment Karolina Skog (* 1976), the wrestler Thure Sjöstedt (1903–1956) and the soccer player Per Harrysson (* 1967) were born in Åhus .


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