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Academic theater  is an honorary title awarded to the oldest and largest state theaters in the successor states of the Soviet Union .

The title was first awarded in 1919. The first title holders were the six oldest theaters in Soviet Russia : Bolshoi Theater , Maly TheaterChekhov Art Theater MoscowAlexandrinsky TheaterMariinsky Theater and  Mikhailovsky Theater . All academic theaters were organized in an association in 1920, which, however, only existed for one year. After the establishment of the Soviet Union in  1922, the title was continued. During the 1920s and 1930s, many theaters were given the title of Academic Theater. After the collapse of the Soviet Union , the title was taken over by its successor states.

List of Academic Theaters

Former Academic Theater

  • State Academic Dramatic Theater of the Latvian SSR ( Russian Государственный академический театр драмы Латвийской ССР ; today Latvian National Theater ), awarded in 1949, Riga , Latvia
  • State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet of the Latvian SSR ( Russian Государственный академический театр оперы и балета Латвийской ССР ; today Latvian National Opera ), awarded 1956, Riga , Latvia National Opera

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