Alberta Highway 4

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Highway 4 in Alberta, Canada
Alberta Highway 4
Course of the H 4
Basic data
Operator: Alberta Transportation
Start of the street: Coutts
( 49 ° 0 ′  N , 111 ° 58 ′  W )
End of street: Lethbridge
( 49 ° 40 ′  N , 112 ° 48 ′  W )
Overall length: 103 km

Municipal District :

  • Warner County
  • Lethbridge County
Course of the road
United States of America Further on I15
Border crossing United StatesUnited States United States - CanadaCanadaCanada 
Warner County
Locality Coutts
flow Milk River
Locality Milk River
Locality Warner
crossing H36N according to Taber
crossing H52W after Welling
Locality Stirling
crossing H61O after Foremost
Lethbridge County
Locality Lethbridge
crossing H3W to Fort Macleod , O to Medicine Hat
Further on H3

The Alberta Highway 4 (shortly AB 4 ) leading from the border between the United States and Canada to the northwest to the city of Lethbridge . It has a length of 103 km and, as a so-called core route , is part of the Canadian National Highway System .

Highway 3 is part of the CANAMEX Corridor . This trade route was defined under the North American Free Trade Agreement and is used for transportation between Canada, the United States and Mexico.


The highway begins on the border with the US state of Montana . It represents the northern continuation of Interstate 15. Directly on the border is the community of Coutts , which also gave the border station its name. The highway runs around the town as a four-lane bypass. It runs in a north-westerly direction; A Canadian Pacific Railway runs parallel over most of the route .

When Warner opens Highway 36 one, under the name Veterans Memorial Highway is known. South of Stirling , Highway 52 branches off to the west, north of Stirling Highway 61 branches off to the east. The route passes the town of Lethbridge as a bypass from the south. The previous route to Highway 5 via 24 Avenue S was abandoned, instead the route now leads north to Highway 3 , the Crowsnest Highway . However, the old route can still be found on many maps.

The stretch from Highway 61 to the end of the Crowsnest Highway is part of the Red Coat Trail , which runs from Winnipeg , Manitoba to Fort Mcleod , Alberta.


The entire route has been expanded to four lanes. However, this does not represent a motorway-like expansion, as the crossings are at the same level.

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