Alexander Friedrich Georg von der Schulenburg

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Family coat of arms of those of the Schulenburg

Alexander Friedrich Georg Graf von der Schulenburg-Blumberg (born February 21, 1745 in Bodendorf ; † May 16, 1790 ) was a Prussian minister of state.


Origin and family

Alexander was a member of the noble family von der Schulenburg . His parents were the Prussian captain and landlord Friedrich Wilhelm Freiherr von der Schulenburg (1699–1764) and the general daughter Katharine Christine, born von Klinckowström (1725–1801).

In 1772 he married Elisabeth Amalie Charlotte (1749-1813), daughter of the Prussian Minister Karl Wilhelm Count Finck von Finckenstein . From the marriage the son Christian Alexander Albrecht Carl von der Schulenburg (1773-1850), district administrator of the Oberbarnim district , emerged.


Schulenburg studied in Frankfurt an der Oder from 1762 to 1764 and was then court cavalier with Prince Heinrich from 1765 to 1767 . In 1769 he was a deputy of the Niederbarnim district , since 1776 also the district administrator and fire society director as well as director of the widows' catering establishment . As early as 1773 he was also a councilor of the Kurmärkische landscape with the character of a war council . In 1777 he became director of the Kur- und Neumärkischen main board of directors and in 1784 general director of the general country fire society. King Friedrich Wilhelm II elevated him to the Prussian count in recognition of his services in 1786 . At the same time he was minister at the General Directorate responsible for the maritime trading company and banking matters in the provinces of Magdeburg and Halberstadt, as well as for the widows' catering facility . Furthermore, he worked from 1787 as a timber administrator and commissioner at the Kur- und Neumärkischen Kreditwerk. As a member of the Mobilization Commission, with simultaneous conflicts with some cabinet colleagues, he saw the pressure of his many tasks no longer capable and committed by a pistol shot to the head suicide .

Schulenburg was the hereditary lord of the Altenhausen (until 1775), Blumberg , Habighorst and Feuerschützbostel shares .


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