Alfons of Bavaria

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Alfons of Bavaria
Wedding photo
Sarcophagus of Alfonso of Bavaria in the Wittelsbach crypt of St. Michael in Munich

Alfons Maria Franz Clemens Maximilian of Bavaria (born January 24, 1862 in Munich ; † January 8, 1933 there ) was a royal prince and general of the cavalry .



Alfons came from the noble Wittelsbach family . He was the son of Prince Adalbert of Bavaria and his wife Infanta Amalia del Pilar of Spain and a grandson of King Ludwig I.

Military career

After attending a humanistic grammar school and university, he joined the 1st Infantry Regiment "König" of the Bavarian Army in 1880 as a secondary lieutenant . In the following year he was assigned to the 3rd field artillery regiment "Queen Mother" and in 1882 he was transferred to the 1st heavy rider regiment "Prince Karl of Bavaria" . Promoted to Rittmeister in 1884 , Alfons served as squadron chief from 1886 and took part in courses at the War Academy (training trip, war history) in 1888/89 and 1891/92 . While still a major , he was appointed regimental commander on July 15, 1892. In this position he rose further and finally took command of the 1st Cavalry Brigade as major general in 1899 . Promoted to lieutenant general in 1901 , Alfons was relieved of his command. In 1905 he was promoted to general of the cavalry.

He was chief of the Dragoon Regiment "Freiherr von Manteuffel" (Rheinisches) No. 5 stationed in Hofgeismar .

Alfons is buried in the Michaelskirche in Munich.


Alfons had only asked for the hand of Louise Victoire's cousin Marie Valerie of Austria . But the first meeting was so boring that there was no wedding.

On April 15, 1891, Alfons married Louise Victoire d'Orléans , the daughter of Ferdinand d'Orléans and Sophie Charlotte, Duchess in Bavaria at Nymphenburg Palace . The following children were born from the marriage:

  • Joseph Clemens (1902–1990), art historian
  • Elisabeth Maria (1913–2005) ⚭ 1939: Franz Josef von Kageneck (1915–1941) | ⚭ 1944 (o | o 1953): Ernst Küstner (* 1920)