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Othmar Hackl (born January 26, 1932 in Traunstein ; † December 18, 2013 in Freiburg im Breisgau ) was a German military historian and retired brigadier general . D. From 1976 to 1985 he was head of the Military History Research Office .


Hackl was born in Upper Bavaria . He studied history, classical philology and philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich , where he was in 1959 when Alexander Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg at the Faculty with a thesis on the so-called Servian army reform to Dr. phil. PhD . From 1951 Othmar Hackl was a member of the Catholic student association KDStV Aenania Munich in the CV .


In 1958 he joined the 1st Artillery Regiment 4 / Field Artillery Battalion 41 of the Army of the Bundeswehr in Landshut. In 1959/60 he attended the Army Officer School III in Munich and the Artillery School of the Bundeswehr in Idar-Oberstein. Then he was employed as a surveying officer, platoon leader and battery chief in the rocket and mountain artillery in Ingolstadt and Landsberg am Lech.

From 1965 to 1967 he attended the 8th General Staff Course (H) at the command academy of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg. Subsequently he was G2 and G1 in the 4th Panzer Grenadier Division in Regensburg. 1971/72 he was a consultant in the command staff of the armed forces III 6 and in the command staff of the army III 1 in Bonn. In 1972 he became a lecturer in military history at the command academy of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg. In 1975 he took over the deputy command of the Panzer Grenadier Brigade 17 in Hamburg. From 1976 to 1985 Othmar Hackl was in the rank of Colonel i. G. Head of the Military History Research Office (MGFA) of the Bundeswehr.

On March 31, 1989 he retired as brigadier general and deputy commander of the 2nd Panzer Grenadier Division in Kassel.

Hackl has published numerous publications on military history. He was co-editor ( Werner Hahlweg , Johann Christoph Allmayer-Beck , Hans Bleckwenn , Dermot Bradley , Charles B. Burdick and Walter Schaufelberger ) of the studies on military history, military science and conflict research established in 1973 at Biblio Verlag . He was a member of the Clausewitz Society .

Hackl was married and the father of two children.


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