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Alfred Franz Julius Leonhard Höffer von Loewenfeld (born October 17, 1848 in Spandau , † December 1, 1927 in Charlottenburg ) was a Prussian infantry general and adjutant general to Kaiser Wilhelm II.



Alfred came from a Swabian noble family that can be traced back to the 17th century and was the son of the Prussian general of the infantry Julius von Loewenfeld (1808–1880) and his wife Karoline, nee Freiin Schilling von Cannstatt (1811–1900). His older brother was Major General Julius von Loewenfeld (1838-1916).

Alfred von Loewenfeld remained unmarried. His nephew was the later Vice Admiral Wilfried von Loewenfeld (1879-1946).

Military career

Loewenfeld joined the 1st Guard Regiment on foot in the Prussian Army on March 12, 1869 with the prospect of being promoted . With this regiment he took part in the war against France in 1870/71 , was wounded in the battle of Gravelotte on August 18, 1870 and promoted to second lieutenant a month later . For his achievements he received the Iron Cross, 2nd class. From June to mid-September 1876 he was in command as an adjutant to the 1st Guard Infantry Brigade . On February 18, 1878, he was promoted to prime lieutenant . As such, Loewenfeld was in service with the General Staff for one year from May 13, 1880 , and again as an adjutant to the 1st Guard Infantry Brigade from March 11, 1882. Removed from this command, he was promoted to captain on March 10, 1883 and appointed company commander. Loewenfeld was then placed à la suite of his regiment on November 20, 1888 and appointed as adjutant to War Minister Paul Bronsart von Schellendorff . Promoted to major there on March 22, 1889 , Loewenfeld returned to military service on June 18, 1892 and became battalion commander in the 3rd Guards Regiment on foot . As a lieutenant colonel and regular staff officer , he worked in the Guard Fusilier Regiment from June 16, 1894 to May 19, 1896 and was then transferred to the War Ministry as head of department. In addition, on June 10, 1896, Loewenfeld was appointed as serving wing adjutant to Kaiser Wilhelm II and, on September 12, 1896, he was also appointed commander of the Castle Guard Company . Promoted to colonel on March 22, 1897 , he was appointed commander of the 3rd Foot Guards Regiment on June 15, 1898, leaving his position as wing adjutant. Loewenfeld gave up this post on July 21, 1900, was then entrusted with the command of the 33rd Infantry Brigade in Altona , and on August 12, 1900, promoted to major general, commander of this brigade . When he was promoted to Lieutenant General on April 24, 1904, Loewenfeld became the commander of the 1st Guard Division , which he had previously been commissioned to manage. In addition, on that date the emperor appointed him his adjutant general.

At the end of 1905 Loewenfeld was a member of the commission for the revision of the drill regulations for the infantry .

On February 9, 1908, Loewenfeld was commissioned to lead the X Army Corps . With promotion to General of the Infantry, he was appointed Commanding General on May 29, 1909 . In the same position he worked from May 29, 1909 to February 28, 1913 in the Guard Corps . Leaving his position as Adjutant Loewenfeld was then used to disposition and asked à la suite of the 3rd Foot Guards on foot and also a member of the Prussian manor for life. During the First World War , Loewenfeld was reused as the commanding general of the Deputy Guard Corps.

For his many years of service, Loewenfeld u. a. was awarded the chain to the Black Eagle Order and the Grand Cross of the Red Eagle Order with a crown.


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  1. The name Höffer is a first name used for generations in this family . The family suspects its origin in the person of Friedrich Höffer , imperial city judge in Vienna , raised to the imperial nobility in 1633 . However, only Loewenfeld is used as a family name - in the correct spelling with oe .