Aliens vs. Predator 2

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German title Aliens vs. Predator 2
Original title Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
Country of production USA , Canada
original language English
Publishing year 2007
length 90 minutes
Extended : 97 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 16
Director Colin Strause
Greg Strause
script Shane Salerno
production John Davis
David Giler
Walter Hill
music Brian Tyler
camera Daniel C. Pearl
cut Dan Zimmerman

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Alien vs. Predator

Aliens vs. Predator 2 (OT: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem , also AVP 2 or AVP-R ) is a science fiction / horror film from 2007 and the sequel to Alien vs. Predator . It was directed by the brothers Colin and Greg Strause, known for their visual effects. It was released in American cinemas on December 25th and opened in Germany and Australia on December 26th, 2007.


The plot of the film ties in with that of the predecessor, in which at the very end a Predalien slipped out of the dead Predator (Scar) laid out on board his spaceship, a hybrid of Alien and Predator - as in Alien 3, the Alien has attached itself morphologically adapted to its host.

The ship crashes in the woods around Gunnison , Colorado, in the subsequent rampage of the Predalia . Before a surviving Predator can activate its self-destruction, it is killed by the creature. Thus, the hybrid and a few alien facehuggers already on board can escape from the ship into the surrounding forests.

Meanwhile, the main human characters of the film are introduced. Dallas Howard (a former offender) returning to his hometown of Gunnison after a long absence, his fatherly friend, City Sheriff Eddie Morales, Dallas' brother Ricky with his girlfriend Jesse, and ultimately Kelly O'Brien, a member of the Army who joined her husband and her daughter returns.

The distress signal of the dying Predators now reaches their home planet. A single cleaner (better equipped and experienced Predator) then makes his way to Earth. A few hours later, two missing people are searched for in the woods around Gunnison, but the Predator has already covered some tracks. So he destroyed the Predator ship and dissolved the corpses of the first alien victims with a special liquid.

When hunting the aliens, the Predator can put several of them in the sewer system, the remaining aliens flee into the city and kill several residents there. When chasing an alien, the Predator damages the local power station, resulting in a complete blackout. After a close escape from the local swimming pool, Rick and his girlfriend run into Eddie and Dallas who are getting guns and ammunition in a gun shop. They contact the arriving National Guard, which is surprised by the attacking aliens. On her escape from the aliens, Kelly and her daughter arrive at the gun shop; when several aliens encounter the Predator there, they are forced to flee immediately.

When the survivors find the National Guard armored car, they try to get in touch with the National Guard. Instead, a Colonel Stevens reports, introducing himself as a member of the US Army. He claims there will be an air evacuation from the city center in half an hour. But Stevens knows about the threat posed by the alien creatures because he was able to see a video recording from the location of the disaster.

The group of survivors first set off for the city center. But Kelly suspects that the Army has other plans. An evacuation from the city center makes no sense in her assessment, and she suspects that the Army just wants to contain the problem. While the sheriff joins the group that is supposed to be evacuated from the city center, the others try their luck at the hospital, on the roof of which there is supposed to be a helicopter. Jesse is killed as she runs ahead and gets caught up in the battle between the Predator and the aliens.

The hospital has since been overrun by the aliens. On the roof there is finally a showdown between the hybrid and the Predator. While the aliens are fighting, Dallas, Rick, Kelly and their daughter escape by helicopter. The sheriff fights with a few survivors against the overwhelming odds of the aliens in the city center. The promised rescue is a long time coming, and the sheriff calls Colonel Stevens again.

The Colonel is now in the airspace above the city in an observation plane, but he never intended to conduct an evacuation. Instead, a YF-22 Raptor speeds to the site of the disaster. A little later, the city center is destroyed by an atomic bomb, killing all the aliens, but the helicopter also crashes in a forest due to the explosion. Navy SEALs, camouflaged in the forest around the city, put the refugees on the wreck.

Dallas hands the found plasma weapon of the Predator to the Navy SEALs, his brother is taken care of, and Kelly reassures her daughter that the monsters are now destroyed.

The final scene takes place in a company building, where Colonel Stevens comes into contact with a certain Ms. Yutani and shows her the gun in a case. Ms. Yutani doubts that the world is ready for this technology, to which the Colonel replies that this weapon is not intended for this world either.


Ms. Yutani, who appears in the final scene of the film, is a reference to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, which appears in the alien films and will employ the leading actress Ellen Ripley. Weyland, as another owner of the corporation, already comes in the first part of Alien vs. Predator before.


For the film service , the film is just as drastic, speculative as it is uninspired science fiction horror film, which at most attracts attention due to its bungling dramaturgy and lousy staged action sequences.

The BBC ruled: "The Strause brothers live, eat and breathe the Alien / Predator films" claims screenwriter Shane Salerno grandly of his directors. Judging by “AVP-R”, they also exclude them, as this is poorly filmed, pathetic, staged, brain-dead nonsense. While the dialogues are so stupid that even an eleven-year-old couldn't get away with it, the Predalien is a complete disappointment (basically just an alien with strange dreadlocks) and was so consistently recorded in total darkness that it makes your eyes blink from the crowd.

Cinema wrote: Unfortunately, it was neglected to develop halfway sophisticated characters for the human inhabitants who got caught between the fronts, which makes it impossible to really cheer. Be that as it may: For film fans without high dramaturgical demands, Aliens vs. Predator 2 entertaining monster action with lots of blood and some nice shock moments. Conclusion: A second exchange of blows between the cult monsters and human sacrifices that are too simple.

Soundtrack to the film

The soundtrack for the film was released on December 14, 2007 with the title Aliens vs Predator - Requiem . The score was composed by Brian Tyler .

useful information

  • The whole film was heavily darkened, whether as a dramaturgical stylistic device or for censorship reasons (to soften the scenes of violence and thus prevent a higher age rating) is unknown, as the producers never commented on it. However, this led to criticism, as scenes in the light are rare and the very dark picture makes it difficult to follow the plot.
  • the Extended / Unrated Cut on Blu-Ray was released in Europe on January 24, 2019.

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