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German title Alien: Covenant
Original title Alien: Covenant
Alien Covenant Logo.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2017
length 122 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 16
Director Ridley Scott
script John Logan ,
Dante Harper
production Ridley Scott,
Mark Huffam ,
Michael Schaefer ,
David Giler ,
Walter Hill
music Jed Kurzel
camera Dariusz Wolski
cut Pietro Scalia

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Alien: Covenant is a American science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott from the year 2017 . The cinema release in Germany was on May 18, 2017; in the USA the film was released one day later.

The film follows the same theme as Scott's 1979 film Alien - The uncanny creature from a strange world and is at the same time a sequel to the film Prometheus - Dark Characters from 2012. As a continuation of the original Alien film series , the film is about a spaceship crew, who is on a colonization mission with the spaceship Covenant at the beginning of the 22nd century . The sequel takes place ten years after the events in Prometheus .


In a white room in front of a mountain panorama, an android is asked by Peter Weyland, the bio-engineer who created it and describes himself as its "father", to choose a name. The android decides on the name David, after a statue of Michelangelo that is in the room. Weyland asks David to sit down at a piano and decide for himself what to play. He decides on the entry of the gods into Valhalla by Richard Wagner . David asks his Creator, "If you created me, then who created you?" Weyland has no answer. Nevertheless, David serves him, although he knows that his father will eventually be dead, but he will still exist for a very long time.

Many years later: On December 5, 2104, the crew of the colony ship USCSS Covenant woke up from several years of hypersleep after a space storm triggered by a neutrino explosion hit the ship during a solar sail energy charge. Jake Branson, the captain of the Covenant , dies in the accident and Christopher Oram reluctantly takes command.

The colony ship is on its way to the distant planet Origae-6, which they are supposed to colonize, with 2,000 sleeping people and 1,140 human embryos . A radio message from a woman and the sung " Take Me Home, Country Roads " by John Denver draws the crew's attention to a planet that they consider to be an unexplored and completely unspoiled paradise. The planet with its majestic landscapes and flora is very similar to Earth and seems habitable. Therefore, the crew believes that this planet is even better suited for their mission than the one actually headed for, which would mean a journey of another seven years in deep sleep for the crew and colonists.

While the Covenant, controlled by the pilot Tennessee, remains in orbit of the planet, eleven members of the crew land on a space shuttle on its surface, although the terraforming expert Daniels is skeptical and has already expressed concerns about the strange signal they had received from the planet . They discover a stranded alien spaceship in which they find the remains of Prometheus and personal items from their crew. They also find evidence of human agriculture on the planet.

However, the planet is a dark and dangerous world with no animals to be found. First Ledward comes into contact with strange spores, then Tom Hallett too. Alien beings develop parasitically in them within a short time and make their way out of the bursting bodies of the two dying people. Maggie Faris and Karine Oram try to kill one of the beings in the DropShip, but an explosion occurs that destroys the entire DropShip and kills both of them. When the crew is later attacked by adult forms of these beings, a person approaches and drives away the attacker with a flare and sound signal pistol. The savior is the android David, the last survivor of the failed Prometheus expedition.

David has spent the last ten years there alone and during this time developed a God complex and an urge to create . The crew of the Covenant itself has Walter with them, a further developed version of David, who, while the people on board the Covenant were in deep sleep, watched over them together with the on-board computer MU-TH-UR. David offers the crew of the Covenant shelter in a temple, but in reality he is planning something completely different. In the temple they make the acquaintance of the neomorphs again. While these variants of the alien also have armored skin and blood that etches its way through stone and metal, unlike xenomorphs, they have white-gray skin with a somewhat translucent appearance and a large number of silvery fangs that appear circular when they are closed. The Android shows a clear sympathy for what it considers to be the perfect species. David feels ambivalent about his successor model, which is equipped with fewer human emotions, less creativity and a greater sense of duty than himself. When they are alone for the first time, he tells Walter about his conversations with Peter Weyland, their common "father", quoting from Ozymandias and showing him how to play the recorder. During this very intimate lesson in which David tries to help him with his fingering, Walter places his hand on David's. Even later, David once again approaches his successor model when he informs him that he knows that Dr. Elizabeth Shaw did not die as he claims. He presses a sensual kiss on Walter's lips, but at that moment stabs him in the neck to turn him off.

Daniels also discovered that David didn't tell the whole truth. When she confronts him with her knowledge that the Prometheus did not accidentally bring the pathogens that destroyed all animal life onto the planet, David attacks her. Walter, who was able to reactivate himself again thanks to his more sophisticated technology, rushes to her aid. When the survivors try to save themselves on the space shuttle that Tennessee is steering to save the planet, a Xenomorph jumps on board. Daniels can shake off the being and takes command of the Covenant because Oram died on the planet. David had used him as the host for his first attempt at creating the Xenomorph. At night Daniels is woken up by MU-TH-UR, who has discovered an alien being on board. They manage to lure the creature onto the terraforming module and, together with it, catapult it into space using an air lock.

The crew feels compelled to start the long journey to Origae-6 after all, and the surviving crew members return to their sleeping pods, while Walter is once again to watch over them. Daniels, who was in a relationship with Jake Branson, who was originally in command of the Covenant , wanted to build a log cabin with him on Origae-6, and Walter knew about these plans too. When Daniels asks Walter, shortly before she falls into deep sleep, that Walter does not seem to know anything about these plans, she realizes that the android is actually David, who has been his since her escape from the alien planet Successor model has issued. Actually, Walter wanted to prevent David from leaving the planet by all possible means. When Daniels is also in stasis, he places two pre-bred "Face Hugger" embryos, which he had smuggled on board the Covenant , into one of the colonists' incubators, and MU-TH-UR lets the gods enter Valhalla play from Wagner's Rheingold and enter the area of ​​the Covenant , where the bodies of two thousand colonists are in deep sleep and more than one thousand embryos rest in incubators. In a radio message to earth, he announced that in the event of an accident, all crew members except Daniels and Tennessee had died and that he and the colonists were now on the way to the planet Origae-6.


Production history

After the film was initially announced simply as Prometheus 2 and later as Alien: Paradise Lost, it was announced in November 2015 that the official title would be Alien: Covenant . The plot of the film was also revised during this phase. Also in November 2015, 20th Century Fox released a short plot of the film. The film title Alien: Covenant refers to the "Land of the Covenant". "Covenant" means "covenant", in the sense of " old covenant ", a word that is mainly used in the Bible and denotes the covenant between God and man.

Staff, cast and dubbing

Ridley Scott , who previously took on this work for two films in the Alien series , is once again the director . Michael Green and Jack Paglen could be won as authors for the story , with Paglen already working on a science fiction adventure in the film Transcendence . The script was written by John Logan and Dante Harper . When asked why science fiction or space are so predestined to discuss the role of humanity or the fundamental questions of human existence, Scott replied: “Space is such a void. And religion taught us to feel guilty. I don't believe in God myself anymore, but I still feel incredibly guilty - and don't even know what for! […] The logic that something has to be out there, a force that is much further and more powerful than we are, makes sense to me. ”Logan and Harper also incorporated these fundamental questions into the script, for example during a conversation between Walter and David, in which they have the two quote the complete text of Percy Shelley's poem " Ozymandias " from 1817.

After Michael Fassbender had announced in 2014 that he would participate in the sequel to Prometheus , Scott officially confirmed this in September 2015. Fassbender took over the role of the android David and also plays his further developed version Walter. The role of the central female character, the terraforming expert Daniels, was cast with Katherine Waterston . Other newcomers include Demián Bichir as Sergeant Lope, Nathaniel Dean as her husband, Danny McBride in the role of Tennessee pilot, Billy Crudup , who plays first mate Christopher Oram, Carmen Ejogo , who plays Oram's wife Karine, Jussie Smollett , Amy Seimetz and Callie Hernandez . In February 2016 it was announced that Australian actor Alex England had received a role in the film. In March 2016, Ben Rigby joined the crew. As it became known in October 2016, Guy Pearce can be seen in the film, as in Prometheus - Dark Characters , in the role of Peter Weyland, the billionaire founder of Weyland Corp., who led the Prometheus expedition from Dr. Elizabeth Shaw to planetoid LV-223. James Franco took on the role of Captain Jake Branson in the film, who dies in his sleeping capsule at the beginning of the film and can be seen in photos and videos throughout the plot.

In the German version, Norman Matt dubbed Fassbender in the double role of David and Walter. Yvonne Greitzke speaks Daniels. Christopher Oram and his wife Karine Oram are dubbed in German by Peter Flechtner and Maja Maneiro . David's bio-engineer Peter Weyland is dubbed by Philipp Moog . Carlos Lobo and Michael Iwannek speak to Sergeant Lope and Tennessee.

Filming and equipment

One of the filming locations: on Miter Peak in Fiordland National Park , New Zealand

After Scott confirmed in November 2015 that he wanted to shoot the film in New South Wales, Australia , filming began on April 4, 2016 in New Zealand's Fiordland National Park . They took place over 16 weeks, later also at Fox Studios in Sydney. In addition to Moulin Rouge , several other films produced by 20th Century Fox had previously been shot in New South Wales . Already at the end of March 2016 it became known that the set construction had started on New Zealand's Miter Peak in the Fiordland National Park. At the same time, the first photos of the preparations for the shooting were circulating. At the start of the Comic-Con in San Diego on July 19, 2016, it was announced on Twitter that filming had been completed. The cost of producing the film was $ 111 million.

Chris Seagers acted as the film's production designer. The idea for "The Hall of Heads," a monumental section of the temple lined with giant heads, was that the heads were meant to give the sacred place a sense of history and become a place on which the engineers kept their intellectual property. As an architectural testimony of the engineers, this room is as impressive as the pyramids that were seen from the planet LV-223 in the film Prometheus , but with a somewhat more weathered and less industrial appearance. Where the pyramids were angular and smooth, the heads in the “Hall of Heads” are rounded and could be those of wise and superior people.

Technical equipment and costumes

Audi provided a Lunar Quattro (here at CeBIT 2017 )
developed by Part-Time Scientists for the film , which is intended to help the crew of the Covenant to explore foreign planets

Scientists and technicians from Part-Time Scientists , a German research and development company in the field of space travel, developed the Audi Lunar Quattro to explore foreign planets. In cooperation with the automobile manufacturer Audi , this special vehicle was made available for the film and is intended to help the crew of the Covenant to explore foreign planets. The Audi Lunar Quattro supports Maggie Faris in the film during the Covenant mission in navigating and examining the unknown terrain of a planet. The Audi Lunar Quattro consists of 85 percent aluminum components that were produced by Audi in the metal 3D printing facilities in Ingolstadt. The rover is supplied with energy by a swiveling solar panel and moved by intelligent drive technology. The integration of the Audi Lunar Quattro into the film was part of a cooperation between the production company 20th Century Fox and Audi.

The American costume designer Janty Yates was responsible for the costumes , with whom Scott has worked since 2000 and who received the Oscar for best costume design for Gladiator in 2001. Yates and her team started work in August 2015. For the film, the crew of the Covenant had received clothing in a new design. British fashion designer Craig Green created khaki-colored, utilitarian uniforms for the crew of the Covenant . When designing the bulky and lavishly designed yellow spacesuits that the crew must wear on their field missions in space, an attempt was made to combine realistic technology with practicality.

Drafts, special effects, and film music

The neomorph's physiognomy was inspired by the goblin shark

Ian Gracie was the supervising art director. He was supported, among others, by the concept artists Steve Burg and Dane Hallett , who had already worked on the previous film Prometheus - Dark Characters .

The special effects supervisor was Dan Oliver , who was nominated for an Oscar for his work on Mad Max: Fury Road in 2016. The neomorphs that appear for the first time in the film Alien: Covenant , developed by him and his team on the computer, are a variant of the xenomorphs, extraterrestrial beings from the previous Alien films. The neomorphs have white-gray skin with a somewhat translucent appearance and a large number of silvery fangs that appear circular when closed. After their birth, the neomorphs first walk on all fours and later on two legs. For the creatures with their armored skin and the blood that etches its way through stone and metal, Android David shows a clear sympathy in the film because, in his opinion, they are a perfect species. The name "Neomorph" was first accidentally revealed in October 2016 by actor Michael Fassbender in an interview with Mark Goodier on BBC Radio 2. A discarded design concept from the Alien film series was used to design the neomorphs. Their physiognomy was inspired by the goblin shark .

Harry Gregson-Williams was initially commissioned to compose the film music . In October 2016, however, when asked, the composer announced that he would no longer be there for scheduling reasons. Jed Kurzel took over his work . The soundtrack to the film consists of 22 pieces and was released on May 19, 2017 by Milan Records. A trailer for the film released in late 2016 was accompanied by an acoustic version of Nat King Cole's 1948 song Nature Boy , which was re-sung by the Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora Aksnes . The song Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver, which was played in the film and sometimes distorted and rendered eerie due to radio interference, was already heard in a trailer for the film.

Marketing and Publishing

On April 26, 2016, 20th Century Fox published two tweets about the film via Twitter. A picture in the first tweet showed a mission badge that is worn on the uniform by the crew in the film and contains the name of the colony ship Covenant . The photo in the second tweet featured a conceptual art xenomorph that is a variation on previous aliens in the series. On May 20, 2016, the first set photos were published, showing, among other things, bodies lying lifeless on a temple-like building and appearing to have frozen to stone. Michael Fassbender said in an interview at the end of July 2016 that Alien: Covenant will be a lot creepier compared to its predecessor Prometheus : It has more of a thriller in which you have the feeling that a major catastrophe is imminent, as it was with Alien . This makes it kind of a wonderful merging of the two films. [...] I think he's going to be super scary. [...] He'll make you shudder in the cinema.

On November 24, 2016, the first film poster was published with a close-up of a Xenomorph and labeled " Run " (German: " Lauf "). In February 2017, Prologue: Last Supper, a short film for Alien: Covenant , was released. Although this is not officially part of the film, the short film was directed by Luke Scott , the son of Ridley Scott, and it features actors from Alien: Covenant such as Michael Fassbender, James Franco and Katherine Waterston as members of the crew have a party before they go into the cryosleep they awaken from at the beginning of the film. Another short film released at the end of April 2017 starts where Prometheus ends and thus forms a prologue to Alien: Covenant . This shows how Elizabeth repairs the android and later goes into a sleeping capsule. David, on the other hand, stays awake and ends up on the designers' home planet. In places it was speculated that it was originally an alternative ending to the previous film.

Ridley Scott said these other productions, shared on Twitter and on the Internet, should promote the film: “There is so much money being invested in television advertising - in some cases, global blockbuster advertising eats up the same amount of money as the cost of producing an entire movie . In contrast, the Internet is free as an advertising platform. While we were making the film, we came up with the idea for this short clip with Michael Fassbender . We didn't even mention the film. We just wanted to make people curious. "

As announced in February 2016, the US theatrical release of the film has been brought forward from October 6, 2017 to August 4, 2017. In November 2016, 20th Century Fox brought the intended US theatrical release three months forward to May 19, 2017. The film was shown in Germany and Austria the day before. The film opened in China on June 16, 2017. The film premiered in London on May 4, 2017.

In May 20th Century Fox released the VR special Alien: Covenant: In Utero for Alien: Covenant , which can be used on the Oculus platform or with the Samsung Gear VR , among other things . The VR special was directed by David Karlak and produced by Ridley Scott. It involves an encounter with an alien neomorph at the moment of his birth. Users can explore the surroundings from the perspective of the neomorph. Around the theatrical release of Alien: Covenant , 20th Century Fox also presented the Virtual Reality Experience on a cinema tour through six German cities between May 12 and 21, 2017 and will also present it at the Cannes International Film Festival .


Age rating

In Germany the film is FSK 16 . The statement of reasons for the release states: “The film slowly builds up tension before the drama increases more and more. He works with typical genre elements and shows a clear good-bad drawing with a differently drawn protagonist. [...] Adolescents aged 16 and over are able to classify these passages, which were never played out as an end in themselves, in the clearly fantastic context and to distance themselves sufficiently. Since the film also emphasizes values ​​such as solidarity and empathy in the form of its heroine, no negative effects are to be feared for the age group. "


The Rotten Tomatoes review collection lists 400 reviews, 66 percent of which are positive. The average rating is 6.3 out of 10 points.

Michael Pekler from says that Ridley Scott takes enough time for the almost deliberate prologue, spreads hints, laid the first tracks and staged the pop-cultural radio signal, which functions as a call in the film, with biting humor.

Frank Schnelle from epd Film says Alien: Covenant plays with the motifs of the series and especially Scott's original alien and James Cameron's gun-staring sequel are quoted and varied in the film: "When the spacemen arrive on the rather earth-like alien planet , on the one hand, the familiar ten-little Jägermeister game begins , in which everyone is immediately eliminated who leaves the group with a "I'm going to freshen up". On the other hand, the script by John Logan and Dante Harper manages to break completely new ground. "

In a film review by the dpa , it is said of Michael Fassbender in the double role of David and Walter that the all-rounder is the perfect cast for the opaque androids: “Their curiosity, their insights, their android feelings - everything is followed in the finest detail. We have known since the first alien film that artificial people should not be trusted. But when you look at this face, you don't know anything for sure, because it contains clues for every possible progression. ”The review says about Katherine Waterston that she embodies the compassionate and pathetic Daniels just as intensely, with her instinctive suspicion is completely right about that new world and in whose big watery eyes every single bereavement is reflected many times over.

Comparison with the previous films

Robots & Dragons' Johannes Hahn believes the film is a worthy successor to the Alien franchise and doesn't make the same mistakes as its predecessor Prometheus - Dark Characters , which should definitely please fans. The film is not that good, however, because its very tight narrative ignores the numerous puzzles that the film throws up in its story. Little time is spent bathing in the atmosphere of fear created by the hints, said Hahn. In addition, the question arises for him whether newcomers to the alien universe can also enjoy the film, and Hahn believes that it helps to at least have seen Prometheus . The other parts of the film series are not absolutely necessary, says Hahn, but Alien: Covenant gets a lot more spice if you can also classify the references to previous parts.

Andreas Borcholte from Spiegel Online thinks that Prometheus had its weaknesses in terms of dramaturgy and plausibility, but in retrospect seems more inspired and courageous than just about everything that Alien: Covenant has to offer: “ Alien: Covenant is having a hard enough time To process events from Prometheus even in a rudimentary way. In the mythology of the series, more questions are raised than answered; some things seem nonsensical. In addition, the film, trimmed for physical alien action, is dragging its metaphysical ballast. Originality and suspense fall by the wayside. "

Gross profit

After its start, the film reached number 1 in the cinema charts in the USA, China, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia and South Korea, among others. Production costs of around US $ 111 million are offset by worldwide revenues of US $ 240.9 million to date, making Alien: Covenant the 40th most successful film of 2017 . In Germany, the film had around 597,000 visitors up to August 2017.


On December 4, 2017, it was announced that the film was in the shortlist of 20 films, from which the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will determine the nominations for the 2018 Academy Awards in the Best Visual Effects category . On December 18, 2017, it was announced that the film was on the shortlist with 10 films in this category. On the same day, the Academy announced that Jed Kurzel's work was on a shortlist from which nominations in the Best Film Music category would come. The following list contains a selection of the most famous award ceremonies.

Satellite Awards 2017

  • Nomination for the best visual effects

Saturn Award ceremony 2018


A few weeks before the premiere of Alien: Covenant , Ridley Scott announced that he had enough material for more sequels, but that it would depend on the success of the upcoming film. A total of one or two more sequels are possible. He also promised the return of Sigourney Weaver . In an interview with the US ticket portal Fandango, Scott already mentioned the title of the next film: Alien: Awakening . This part should take place after Covenant and before Alien (1979) and be the last part of the Prometheus-Covenant-Awakening trilogy. Filming should start in summer 2018.


Alien Day was celebrated on April 26, 2016, the day 20th Century Fox first released photos . The date was chosen in reference to the planet LV-426 introduced into Alien .

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