White Squall - raging current

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German title White Squall - raging current
Original title White Squall
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1996
length 125 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Ridley Scott
script Todd Robinson
production Mimi Polk Gitlin ,
Rocky Lang
music Jeff Rona
camera Hugh Johnson ,
Stephen Smith
cut Gerry Hambling

White Squall is an American film from 1996 directed by Ridley Scott . The plot is loosely based on the true story of the school ship Albatross .


The film is about the tragic wreck of a US American sailing training ship. In 1960, twelve young cadets from the Ocean Academy were trained as sailors on the sailing ship Albatross under Captain Christopher Sheldon. On the trip through the Caribbean , they get to know each other and their fellow human beings better and thus grow together into a close community. But on the return voyage, the Albatross is said to get caught in a white gust , capsize and sink. Two cadets, the ship's cook and the captain's wife, Dr. Alice Sheldon, her life.

The parents of the deceased teenagers accuse Captain Sheldon of having acted grossly negligent during the storm. There will be a hearing before a Coast Guard committee that will decide on his captaincy. Although the surviving cadets try to protect their captain, the latter takes the blame for the disaster. Ultimately, he is allowed to keep his patent, but never goes to sea again.


"An unimportant film that tells well-known things with beautiful pictures, but never really gets going as an adventure film and no longer spreads as well-tended boredom."

Voice actor

The voice actors for the German version:


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